Premier League Soccer PLS 2012 India

In the History Of India First Time a Complete Franchised based Football League will be started from Kolkata.Which Name is Premier League Soccer PLS. This Football League will be starts from March but currently now days its Preparation for Teams,Players and Coaches list finalization.Many World renowned footballer will be Part of this PLS.

India have a successful Experience of a League type Sports event mean IPL.So that’s why Indian Government want to promote football in country through this powerful and profitable manners.Through this Premier League Soccer PLS indian want to some how put influence on World famous football countries and make a positive image of India through Sports.

On Monday Players teams Auctions done and more the $ 7 Millions on Players bidding.There are five teams will be part of this is Name of all Six teams.

Premier League Soccer 2012 India Football League 

Premier League Soccer 2012 India Football League

 Indian Premier League Soccer PLS 2012 Teams

Team: Barasat
Team: Siliguri
Team: Howrah
Team: Kolkata
Team: Durgapur

Sixth team still were in Pending in bidding Process.So first edition will be starts with these five teams.Here is Complete List of Teams with their Price and Team’s Owners

PLS Teams Prices and Owner’s

Barasat PLS 2012 For Rs 25.15 crore to Uro Infra Reality India Ltd

Siliguri PLS 2012 For Rs 18 crore to Aajay Consultants

Howrah PLS 2012 For Rs 9 crore to Syncsys Infotec

Durgapur PLS 2012 For Rs 7.6 crore to Tulip Infonet

Kolkata PLS 2012 For Rs 11.5 crore to Camelia Group

Haldia Not Sold. (So this Team will be Not apart)

Each franchise can pick four foreign players including one ‘icon’.

Six coaches – Peter Reid, John Barnes, Samson Siasia, Marco Etcheverry, Tony Adams and Teitur Thodarson – will also be auctioned, along with the foreign players. The auction for Indian players, however, may be deferred till the second week of next month.

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