Uzbekistan faces Jordan AFC Asian cup 2011

Uzbekistan faces Jordan AFC Asian cup 2011

Uzbekistan vs Jordan: The second quarter final in Asian cup 2011 will be played between Uzbekistan vs Jordan on 21 Jan 2011 .This excited match is important for both teams because after wining this match they will in Semi and in Final of Asian cup 2011.

Both teams Uzbekistan vs Jordan AFC Asian cup 2011 have good performance in pool matches and Uzbekistan have 7 and Jordan have also 7 points which mean they are equally tough to each other and a great football match is come to seen on quarter final day in Asian cup 2011 .

This match of Uzbekistan vs Jordan live football match will be played on 21 Jan at Khalifa Stadium Qatar. On the other side first quarter final will be played between Japan vs Qatar on same day .

Both teams want to won this match and want to participate in Semi final of Asian Cup 2011 .So both Uzbekistan vs Jordan have full preparation for this match and have proper game plan because both side have equally tough and both progress in pool matches is equal so see how they play in this big match.

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