Manchester United Voted Most Popular Football Club

Manchester United Voted Most Popular Football Club in England Premier League full season. with a survey researchers select Man United most popular football team club for soccer game lovers. English Premier League giants Manchester United has been identified as the world’s most popular football club by a survey carried out by a leading market research agency, Kantar.

According to the largest global football follower survey, 19-time champions Manchester United has 659 million followers worldwide.

The survey gathered 54,000 respondents from 39 countries, a release stated.Manchester United Voted Most Popular Football Club

In the survey, Kantar also found that football remains the world’s most popular sport, with 1.6 billion followers globally, reinforcing the results of a recent FIFA survey which produced a similar figure.

“Manchester United has built on a tradition of iconic players, iconic teams and iconic achievements – Beckham, Busby, Benfica ’68. Now our games are broadcast to 1.15 billion households globally, to an audience of over four billion a year,” Manchester United’s commercial director, Richard Arnold said.

“This survey shows that our family of followers is going from strength to strength.”

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