Manchester United and Wesley Sneijder Again in News

latest soccer news that Manchester United and Wesley Sneijder Again in News. The last ten days or so were full of all kinds of news regarding Wesley Sneijder’s proposed move to Manchester United. However, in the end every thing fell apart when it was revealed that Manchester United had not even placed a bid for the mercurial Dutch midfielder. After a lull of about three days the speculated move of Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United has again hit the news.

The basis of this new speculation is the latest tweet by Wesley’s mother on twitter. The tweet read ” exciting time for Wesley. The gossip mongers on the basis of this tweet are once again saying that it looks that Wesley Sneijder is likely to get his wish fulfilled of moving to Manchester United and England.Manchester United and Wesley Sneijder Again in NewsNow we all remember that one of the reason for Wesley Sneijder’s wish to move to England is because his wife want to relocate to England to have better showtime opportunities. It is also being gossiped that Sir Alex Ferguson who had earlier on completely distanced himself from the proposed move has now changed his stance to “difficult”.

At the same time the President of Inter Milan FC Mr. Massimo Moratti has also softened his stance towards a possible departure of Wesley Sneijder. But one question still remains to be answered and that is will Manchester United make Wesley Sneijder their highest paid player by agreeing to £290,000 a week wages. If at all this move goes ahead then it will be the biggest coup of this summer transfer window.

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