Fulham and Newcastle United football match Preview

Fulham and Newcastle United football match Preview

Fulham vs Newcastle United : A great match between Fulham vs Newcastle United will be seen on the 2nd Feb .All football fans from both Fulham vs Newcastle United side want this match because in past their match is so crucial to each other so they want them into real football action on second Feb.

Fulham vs Newcastle United are really exciting for both side and both teams want to beat each other and want to proceed and want higher on point table .New Castle have 30 points and the other hand Fulham have only 26 points but if they won this match they got more three points .and they become equal to them.

 Fulham vs Newcastle United Live football HighlightsFulham and Newcastle United football match Preview

Date and Time: 2 Fab. 2011, Time: 8:00 GMT
Venue: Craven Cottage, London

In this really tough match Fulham vs Newcastle United both want to victory and after wining they want to increase the points on Table.New Castle is Favorite in this match and they have more chances to won this match but if Fulham have some better game plan then they give more tough time to New Castle united .

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