Fifa confirms goal-line technology talks

LONDON: Fifa president Sepp Blatter says goal-line technology will be discussed at October’s International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting.

Blatter is a long-time opponent of the idea but now seems slightly more open-minded – if a reliable system is found.

“My personal opinion on goal technology has never changed,” said Blatter.

“If we have an accurate and simple system then we will implement but so far we have not had a simple nor an accurate system.”

Despite the successful use of video replay technology in other major sports, Blatter has always resisted its introduction into football, saying it would disrupt the flow of the game.

But after incidents such as the Frank Lampard goal that was disallowed in England’s 4-1 World Cup loss to Germany despite clearly crossing the line, the subject has become hard to avoid with even Blatter admitting it would be “nonsense not to reopen the file”.

Speaking at the Youth Olympics in Singapore, Blatter also said clubs who were unhappy at the scheduling of international friendlies should take it up with their individual football associations, rather than blame Fifa.

More than 50 international friendly matches will take place across the world on Wednesday, just as leagues in Europe are getting ready to start and Asian leagues are resuming after the World Cup.

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has led criticism of the timing of England’s friendly with Hungary but the Football Association said it was a matter for Fifa.

“There are two dates in the year for friendly matches but it means you do not have to use these dates,” added Blatter.

“If you want to play a friendly match then bring your second or third team, nobody tells you to promote the best players.

“Don’t make a lot of noise about that [the timing] by saying that Fifa is saying this… it is not Fifa.”

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