FC Barcelona will “never, ever be for sale”

FC Barcelona will “never, ever be for sale”: FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has lashed out against the growing trend of foreign ownership of football clubs and insisted on his own club “never, never for sale.”

Rosell, president-elect of the Catalan club, which has 180,000 members, wants to see all clubs to adopt the model of the property of the members that the fears of Barcelona used, but most of the eastern half and the American money that has been infiltrated the English Premier League on the other hand, head to Spain in search of new opportunities.

“It’s a pity,” said the International Football Arena conference in Zurich.

“I do not like, but what is happening. It’s the free market. In the Premier League clubs no more sold so far are coming to Spain. It has gone so far now, I do not think anything can be do.

. “Barcelona is not a business, is a feeling that is not owned, a partnership we have not” customers. “I will never put a game at 12 hours for the Chinese public. We want to open our market, but without forgetting our roots. While I am president, Barcelona never, never for sale. ” FC Barcelona will "never, ever be for sale"

But Rosell was forced to defend the recent decision to sell Barça shirt sponsorship for the first time after receiving 166million euros in Qatar on a five-year contract, saying it was the only way to compete with the club owner could be funded of clubs.

“The fact that a country is no different from commercial sponsorship,” he said.

“If we had to fight the competition that has the capital, never sell anything on the shirt. It would be a virgin.”

However, although he was critical of the prevailing pattern of ownership in the Premier League, admitted that the television rights agreement that the money is divided equally among the 20 clubs would soon have to be approved in Spain, where the Today Barca and Real Madrid kept about 66% of the funds.

“The TV rights are negotiated on an individual basis now, but in three, four, five years, we have to put them all in a pot and make the league as it is in Italy and the Premier League,” said Rosell.

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