Chelsea to Make Final £35m Offer for Modric

Latest Soccer news that Chelsea to Make Final £35m Offer for Modric. This summer transfer window has seen many transfer disputes where the players want to leave their clubs and join a club of their own choice. Some of the prominent one among these have been of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal, Carlos Tevez of Manchester City, Wesley Sneijder of Inter Milan and last but not least of all is that of Luka Modric of Tottenham Hotspurs. Luka Modric has made it very clear time and again that he wants to leave Tottenham and join Chelsea.

On their part Chelsea is also very much interested in signing the wily attacking midfielder. Chelsea made two bids so far in their pursuit of the midfielder. Both the bids made by Chelsea were rejected by Tottenham. The first bid was worth £22m and the second was of £27m. The Manager of Tottenham Harry Redknapp says that Luka Modric is not for sale. So does the Chairman of Tottenham Mr. Daniel Levy. Chelsea to Make Final £35m Offer for Modric

However, Luka Modric still insists on leaving them and joining Chelsea.Now Chelsea have decided to make one last bid of £35m. This will be the final offer from their side amounting to take it or leave it. Chelsea need a midfielder very badly after their own star Micheal Essien has been ruled out for the initial part of the Premier League season due to an injury.

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