Chelsea Arsenal Want to Recruit Talent Guide

Chelsea diberitakan wants to recruit the head of Arsenal scout Steve Rowley. Rowley called herself interested in joining accept the offer “The Blues” that Chelsea Arsenal Want to Recruit Talent Guide.

Chelsea Arsenal Want to Recruit Talent Guide At least, since Roman AbramovichRoman Abramovich bought from Ken Bates in 2003, Chelsea is knownas one of the diligent team who spend a lot of money to buy a talented player. Perhaps,considering Chelsea Rowley recruiting for the Financial Fair Play policy that will begin tobe applied UEFA 2012.

Financial Regulation Fair Play determining that the club players can only shop according to income. That way, the club could no longer rely on donations to buy the player with the owner. Sanction violations of this rule is a ban in the European arena.Chelsea Arsenal Want to Recruit Talent Guide, Chelsea Arsenal, Want to Recruit Talent Guide

Different from the Chelsea, Arsenal is a club that is able to consistently despite nothaving a big budget. Recruiting talented young players and cheap is key, and Rowley is the person who set up a transfer of top players such as Cesc Fabregas, Alex Song,Gael Clichy and Abou Diaby.

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