Beach football set to launch in India

Beach football set to launch in India.Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) announced that it is organising India’s first professional Beach Soccer Championship in Goa.The Goa Footy Association (GFA) & the Goa Footy Development Council (GFDC) are backing the officially sanctioned event which will become a bi-annual feature. The event will see the participation of prominent players from Goa’s popular footy clubs & other prominent teams from around the country.

The first edition will be held from Feb 7-10 in accordance with official sporting rules as laid out by BSWW.

Mumbai-based TransStadia is investing & managing the event to introduce & create the sport that is already played in 75 countries within the six FIFA confederation zones.

Beach football set to launch in India

Beach football set to launch in India

The teams will comprise of ten players each – on field & as substitutes. The period of play will include periods of 12 minutes each with a break of minutes. In case of a tie, there is a minute additional time before the penalty shoot-out. The event will see teams battle it out for a prize of Rs.2 lakh.

Over 50 teams from across the country are set to descend on Goa’s beaches & play the sport that was on born on the beaches of Brazil. world-class pitches & a world-class arena will be set up to give spectators an exhilarating experience, using the T-Box modular stadia know-how.

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