African Cup of Nations 2012 Official TV Channels List to Broadcast Matches

The Mega Football Event of African Cup of Nations 2012 will be started from 21th January and end on 12 Feb 2012 under the Authorization of CAF.Many TV Channels got official Rights to Broadcast this Sports on their Channels to capture Audience attention to their Channels.

This event of Orange African Cup of Nations 2012 is become most watched and viewed sports in whole Africa and around the Globe where Football lovers live.They want to official Broadcaster details to watch African Cup of nations 2012 on their Cables or Tv Channels in their Countries.

There are Following football Teams will be seen in action in grounds.

Group A: Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Senegal, Zambia.

Group B: Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Angola.

Group C: Gabon, Niger, Morocco, Tunisia.

Group D: Ghana, Botswana, Mali, Guinea.

African Cup of Nations 2012 Official TV Channels List to Broadcast Matches Watch African Cup of Nations 2012 Online Official TV Channels List and Time table

Here are all Official TV Channels and Broadcaster list where fans can watch all African Cup of Nations 2012 Football Matches in Africa and also Out of Africa.Just follow this list and Tune your TV Set or Cables according these information or simply contact to your Tv Channels Service Provider.

Watch African Cup of Nation 2012 On Tv Channels List Below

Al Jazeera Sport +9
Al Jazeera Sport Global
Arryadia 2 (TNT)
British EuroSport
EuroSport (germany)
EuroSport (international)
EuroSport (nordic)
Orange Sport (france)
ORTM (mali)
RTi 1 (Côte d’Ivoire)
RTM 1 (Al Aoula)
SuperSport 4 (za)
Super Sports 9
SuperSport Maximo
Al Jazeera Sport HD2
British Eurosport HD
EuroSport HD

Schedule and Results of African Cup of Nations 2012

Group A
1/21/12: Equatorial Guinea vs Libya, Bata
1/21/12: Senegal vs Zambia, Bata
1/25/12: Libya vs Zambia, Bata
1/25/12: Equatorial Guinea vs Senegal, Bata
1/29/12: Equatorial Guinea vs Zambia, Malabo
1/29/12: Libya vs Senegal, Bata

Group B
1/22/12: Ivory Coast vs Sudan, Malabo
1/22/12: Burkina Faso vs Angola, Malabo
1/26/12: Sudan vs Angola, Malabo
1/26/12: Ivory Coast vs Burkina Faso, Malabo
1/30/12: Sudan vs Burkina Faso, Bata
1/30/12: Ivory Coast vs Angola, Malabo

Group C
1/23/12: Gabon vs Niger, Libreville
1/23/12: Morocco vs Tunisia, Libreville
1/27/12: Niger vs Tunisia, Libreville
1/27/12: Gabon vs Morocco, Libreville
1/31/12: Gabon vs Tunisia, Franceville
1/31/12: Niger vs Morocco, Libreville

Group D
1/24/12: Ghana vs Botswana, Franceville
1/24/12: Mali vs Guinea, Franceville
1/28/12: Botswana vs Guinea, Franceville
1/28/12: Ghana vs Mali, Franceville
2/01/12: Botswana vs Mali, Libreville
2/01/12: Ghana vs Guinea, Franceville

Quarter Finals Results

02/04/12: 1st A v 2nd B, Bata
02/04/12: 1st B v 2nd A, Malabo
02/05/12: 1st C v 2nd D, Libreville
02/05/12: 1st D v 2nd C, Franceville

Semi Finals Results

02/08/12: QF1 winner v QF4 winner, Bata
02/08/12: QF3 winner v QF2 winner, Libreville


02/12/2012, Libreville

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