18-year-old footballer Peruvian dies on pitch in Peru

Tragedy struck in Peru football on Sunday when a player died at the age of 18 years during a match in the reserve league in the country. Suffered Yair Clavi-ho, the ho of Sporting Cristal cardiac arrest and respiratory late in the game against Real Madrid, Real Garcilaso in the city of Cusco, which is 3,600 meters above sea level.Peruvian dies on football pitch video and photos of incident here updated.

Medics tried to revive Clavi-ho’s ho but declared dead player on the pitch. The reports quoted coach Crystal, Gustavo Sevallos, saying, “ambulance did not have a defibrillator.” Required to access defibrillator law in Peru for all the matches in the first division and reserves.

It also raises death Yair Clavi-ho the ho’s issue of the dangers facing the football players when playing at altitude. He said Clavijo, who was also a football player and father, and one of the greatest young talents in midfield Sporting Cristal. Thought he could develop into a real star at the national level.

Initial reports indicated Clavijo died from a massive cardiopulmonary arrest but a coroner’s report later listed the cause of death as cerebral edema, caused by an underlying heart condition.

According to Sporting Cristal, the young defender had passed all of his medical tests and was declared fit to play. Clavijo was recently named to the Peruvian Under-18 national team.

18-year-old footballer Peruvian dies on pitch in Peru

18-year-old footballer Peruvian dies on pitch in Peru

The Peruvian footballer suffered a “cerebral edema and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (an underlying heart condition),” according to the autopsy performed in Cusco on Monday, Depor.pe reported.

The unfortunate incident took place during a Peruvian First Division match between Sporting Cristal and Real Garcilaso, when the young man was representing SC in a reserve team match. Clavijo appeared to suffer a massive heart attack which killed him instantly.

According to witnessed at the stadium, the 18-year-old reserve collapsed only minutes before the end of the game. At that point, medics rushed to attempt to save the young man, but the personnel and a nearby stadium ambulance were not equipped with a defibrillator, which may have saved his life.

Sporting Cristal’s manager, Gustavo Zevallos, told El Comercio that the stadium is to blame because the ambulance didn´t have a defibrillator, which is required by FIFA, the sport’s governing body.

Some fans and national team players Jefferson Farfan and Yordy Reyna, blame Cusco’s high altitude, which is above 11,000 feet, for being of harm to the youngster.

The head of the Peruvian Football Federation´s medical committee, Dr. Carlos Bazan, sacked this notion.

“There are risks to playing at high altitude, but we don´t believe it had a direct relationship in this young man’s death,” he told RPP radio.

Dr. Bazan did mention that hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which coroners in Cusco determined was the cause of Clavijo’s death, could have been detected with a routine echocardiogram.

The doctor called the medical screening policies of some Peruvian team “lax and disreputable.”

Peruvian dies on football pitch video:

Clavijo was seen as part of the next generation not only for Sporting Cristal, but as a key player for the national team in years to come. He represented his country as a member of Peru´s Under-18 National team.

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