FIFA World Cup 2014 – Travel Plans Guide in Brazil

The 20th FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July,2014. Here you can find the complete travel plan guide for going and watching this mega event live in the Stadium.

This is going to be the second time when Brazil will host the FIFA World Cup. Only four countries including Mexico, Italy, France and Germany have hosted this tournament twice before Brazil. 64 matches will be played during the whole tournament among 32 teams in 12 cities of Brazil.

This may look to be very early but if you want to enjoy the tour of Brazil than you have to start your preparations now. The airline tickets and hotel bookings etc. have not been started yet but still there are plenty of things that you need to decide before the World Cup starts so that you can organize your time and budget according to it.

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Travel Plans Guide in Brazil

Important Dates:
6 December, 2013: FIFA World Cup group stage Draw
12 June, 2014: World Cup start
13 July, 2013: World Cup final
20 August,2013: Ticket Application Process starts

Tickets for the Matches:
The tickets sale will start in August through the official FIFA website. Make sure you buy tickets as soon as possible as this event is worth watching. It is suggested that you buy some extra tickets for making sure that you don’t have to face problems later. Don’t worry about the extra tickets they can be resold through FIFA website. FIFA said that almost 3.3 million tickets will be available for 64 matches.

Traveling to Brazil:
There are three major ways available for traveling to Brazil. The first and most widely used method is traveling by Air, second is by Ship and third one is by own vehicle. The Visa requirement depends on the country that you belong to. The visitors from UK and Turkey do not need any type of Visa to enter in Brazil but the fans from many other countries will have to apply for Visa in advance so that they don’t get late.

Hotel Bookings:
Now this is the most important thing for you. The visitors have to book their hotel as soon as possible. According to FIFA around 55,000 hotel rooms will be available across Brazil. 37 new hotels are also being built especially for World Cup but still they are expected to be less than the required. So book your hotel before the booking charges start increasing day by day.

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