Brazil Home Kit 2014 FIFA World Cup

The most awaited event of 2014, FIFA World Cup will start on 12th June 2014 in Brazil but their is no surprise that the preparations for the event by fans and teams are already on their way. As a part of the preparation, the host of the tournament Brazil recently unveiled its football team kits which are prepared by Nike. In just a few days of its launch, Brazil team’s shirt has become the highest selling International jersey of Nike and company is estimated to do a more than billion dollars business South American country.

The two of the biggest sportswear manufacturers, Nike and Adidas are competing against each other to grab the most part of market share. Nike has signed a deal with Brazilian Football Confederation while Adidas will provide the World Cup match balls and kits for officials. Below are the pictures of official Brazil football team kit for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Brazil Football team Kit for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil Home team Kit 2014 FIFA World Cup

Brazil Football team Shirt for World CupBrazil Football team Shorts for 2014 FIFA World Cup

Along with the traditional yellow color, the Brazil home kit shirt has a small “V” shape collar and end of the cuffs in green color. While the shorts are blue with white line on each side. Both shirt and shorts have a logo of Nike and Brazilian national football team. On the kit launch event, team manager Scolari said that “The shirt looks great, the only thing missing is a sixth star, We aim to have that on there after the World Cup.”

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