Fazl Muhammad Baloch Footballer Biography Career Record History

Coming from a remote area of Balochistan and having almost no resources at his disposal, Fazl Muhammad had to beat all the odds to be a part of Pakistan’s football team.

Such was his determination and thirst for excelling in the sport that the teenager from Khuzdar ran six kilometers in the morning to make it to the stadium where he went through a rigorous practice schedule daily in order to hone his skills.

“Being the main breadwinner of my family, it was quite a tough schedule for me as I had to go to my workshop after practice session. I seldom had time to socialize,” he said in a meeting with journalists in Karachi.

Fazl scored two goals against Afghanistan and Iran each in a regional tournament in 2010 that eventually led him to become a member of the national football team.

 “Football is my passion, a passion which enables me to live my life. This is everything to me despite the lack of facilities and tough financial challenges that I face. Because I want to become a great football player from Pakistan and a hero on the world stage, come what may, I shall excel” he said, his eyes glimmering with determination.

Inspired by Pakistani football player Waseem Jhang ,Fazl is a big fan of Lionel Messi, the Argentinean footballer who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona.

He may have fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional footballer, but lack of football grounds, coaches and clubs are the challenges that he said youth in Balochistan still face when it comes to making a mark in the sport.

Fazl Muhammad Baloch Footballer Biography Career Record HistoryFazl Muhammad Baloch Footballer Biography Career Record History

“Footballers are underpaid and provided allowances of Rs 1,500 to 2,000 per day on a brief visit, which is not enough to run the kitchen,” he said.

“I do support my family as a major contributor because my elder brothers are supporting their own families. It is difficult to earn money while playing as a professional footballer in Pakistan. I work at a workshop to earn a living because my passion is not translating into a source of income for me”, he added further.

Balochistan over the years have faced many difficult circumstances and has been engulfed by a wave of terrorism. Despite the difficult times Baluchistan has always increased and now with CPEC is building a path to prosperity. Despite the difficult time this province has seen, there is a story of inspiration and hard work revolving around Fazal Muhammad, a 21-year-old footballer who lives in Khuzdar District, Baluchistan and is part of Pakistan’s national football team.

Fazal Muhammad is the third of the seven brothers in his family and is a major bread supplier. The players receive from PKR 1500-2000 per day on their brief visit, which makes it necessary for most of them to have a second permanent job to support themselves and their families. Thus, he also works as a car mechanic in a workshop. The passion does not really see the circumstances like Fazal’s love for football can not keep him away from the field. Despite the lack of facilities and daily financial battles Fazal football career has flourished and thrived.

He began his football career in 2004 and worked to develop and polish his skills through continuous training. In 2010 Fazal scored two goals against Afghanistan and Kuwait each in the regional tournament and therefore made his way into the National Soccer Team. Fazal is inspired by Waseem Jhang, a popular soccer player in Khuzdar and Lionel Messi, a professional Argentine footballer and aspires to play like them.

Fazal has very limited free time and enjoys socializing with his friends in Khuzdar. He has developed great relationships with senior soccer players who helped introduce him to the district and national football teams. The biggest challenges he faced growing up were the lack of standard football bases, coaches, clubs that could have helped and guided him to improve his skills as a footballer. He even had to travel to Karachi to buy specialized shoes to play soccer.

Fazal Muhammad through his words wants to spread the message of hard work and commitment among young and close players. They advise you to eat healthy to keep in good shape throughout your training and to refrain from any activity that could be harmful to your health such as smoking or chewing tobacco. He also urges them to respect their elders and listen to their suggestions, especially when it comes to soccer techniques. For Fazal Cielo is the limit and advises young players to aim at the stars.

Muhammad Fazl was offered a job by Pakistan Navy, but during the course of recruitment he was diagnosed with Hepatitis B, thus, he lost the opportunity.

Though the athlete parried a question regarding a conflict in the Pakistan Football Federation–perhaps to avoid courting controversy–– he lamented the inaction of the national team, which he says is wasting talent.

The Pakistani football team has not taken to the arena since its defeat at the hands of Yemen in March last year.

While Pakistan’s football authorities are mired in a crisis after splitting into two groups over an election row, ignoring the plight of Fazl and many other players, a cellular company came forward to support him by signing him in its latest ad.

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