Laos vs Mongolia Match Completed AFC Cup 2nd March 2013

Laos vs Mongolia football live score match highlights AFC challenge Cup 2nd March 2013 at Laos National Stadium — Vientiane.Watch Laos vs Mongolia live score online AFC Challenge cup 2013 match full goals updates highlights videos results with match TV broadcast ESPN live commentary and telecast video for free.Laos vs Mongolia results highlights updates after match.The official visit continued with a showing of respect at the Chinggis Khaan Monument.The State Great Khural Speaker received Mrs. Pany Yathotou after he signed a book of respect After this they made official statement to media outlets discussing the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations being established between Mongolia and Laos.The Speaker D. Demberel said, The economies of the countries are similar in some ways. This makes cooperation obtainable. They have decided that Lao and Mongolia will work together in the sectors of livestock, rice, and agriculture. They made contract to rent ten thousand hectares of land in Laos to grow the rice and to plant trees on 5000 hectares. Laos will breed sheep on Mongolian land and create the livestock husbandry. They will cooperate on both an international and regional level.The Chairman of the National Assembly of Lao Mrs. Pany Yathotou said, We will pay attention to the conditions of the region, economy and land, not only cooperate in a political way. The former Speaker of State Great Khural R. Gonchigdorj visited Laos in 1998 and the former Chairman of National Assembly Saman Vinhaket visited Mongolia in 2000.The State Great Khural Assembly Hall opened in 2006 and the desks and chairs in the Hall were made in Laos and gifted to Mongolia.Laos vs Mongolia score information, played on Saturday March 2 ,2013 on a AFC Challenge Cup Asia 2013 soccer match.

Laos vs Mongolia Live Score Match Highlights AFC Cup 2nd March 2013

Laos vs Mongolia Live Match 2013
AFC Challenge Cup 2013
Date: 02 March 2013 | 02-03-2013
Time: 17:00
Venue: Laos National Stadium — Vientiane

Laos 1 : 1 Mongolia

Match End

both teams Laos vs Mongolia players squads football match AFC Cup teams here before start of match.

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