Super Fight League SFL India Fight Card and Schedule

India have done more and more in the Field of Sports.They have started many big Leagues regarding different sports like Cricket, Hockey, Footballs, Kabbadi etc But Now this time two Indian Well Known Media personalities Sanjay Dutt and Raj Kundra starts  India First MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) League with Name of Super Fight League.All the Arrangements done and first Fight will be on Sunday 11th March 2012 in SFL 1.

There will be total 8 Bouts taken for Opening day of Super Fight League India.Two world Famous MMA Fighter Bob vs Thompson also seen in Ring for this SFL.

As the Super Fight League Proceed they will expand it through different cities of India also open the Fighter invitations for future fights.Any Interested Male or Female can send their Complete CV  to them they also consider it.

While Sanjay Dutt described it as one of the “biggest action sports worldwide”, Kundra said, “We have a long-term vision for this league…which will bring Indian audiences a new form of sport and entertainment.”

Super Fight League SFL Dates

March 11: Mumbai

April 7: Chandigarh

May 6: New Delhi

Super Fight League SFL India Fight Card and Schedule Super Fight League SFL India Fight Card and Schedule

Date and Day: 11th March 2012 Sunday
Timings: 6:30 PM Indian Time
Venue: Andheri Sports Complex Mumbai India
Live Broadcast: Televised Event
Live Streaming: Youtube Officially

Here is Following Fights in SFL 1 Super Fight League India .

Bout No 1:
Professor X vs Joey Guel

Bout No 2:
Satish Jha vs Jimmy Ambriz

Bout No 3:
Lakwinder Sekhon vs Madura Rathnayake

Bout No 4:
Mohd Shahid vs Mayura

Bout No 5:
Chaitanya Gavali vs Tiran

Bout No 6:
Neil Natasadu vs Travis Bell

Bout No 7:
Lena vs Sanja (Women Fight)

Bout No 8:
James Thompson vs Bob Sapp

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  1. Its great and useful in champion oh world kick boxing in Ukraine 2011 2012 in Iran and Greece l like to join in this matches invited U F C competition at tan Greece . Thanks

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