MMA Strikeforce Overeem vs Werdum Fight Results Previews

A big excited Heavyweight Grand Prix quarterfinals fight MMA Strikeforce match in Overeem vs Werdum Live fight on 18 june 2011. this a big live fight in Overeem vs Werdum. this MMA Strikeforce provide fans for a lots of entertainment. fans of this Strikeforce Overeem vs Werdum are waiting for this huge live results moment.

Alistair Overeem a big heavyweight fight category muscle fighter. he starts career of heavyweight in 2007 when he defeated paul buentello and take heavyweight Title. in this match his position very strong and he is in good game perform. in latest fight he defended his heavyweight title against Brett Rogers a great and big fighter. and in this session Alistair Overeem take on Werdum.

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Date and time: June 18, 10pm ET/ 3am UK

Fabricio Werdum against Overeem take MMA Strikeforce fight match. hi a well and good skills Jiu-Jitsus. but he is not a big fighter as Overeem. werdum not definitely any time a longer fight but he excited for this time to give a great game and defeat Ovreem and played a big roll in this quarterfinal fight match. but ovreem a big person and he defeat werdum with out any tension. but Fabricio Werdum hopes to give a strong answer in live MMA Strikeforce fight.

this Heavyweight Grand Prix quarterfinals play in Overeem vs Werdum on 18 june 2011 this is a mma strikeforce live fight. this live Overeem vs Werdum fight provide all updates and highlights,previews with all results,winners here a short time after starting. so stay at here and lets see whats happen Overeem vs. Werdum Fight.

MMA Strikeforce Overeem vs Werdum Live Fight Heavyweight Grand Prix 2011 Promo

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