Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Live HBO Boxing Results 5 May 2012

Biggest fight of the year in Floyd Mayweather with Miguel Cotto in live HBO fight pay-per-view(PPV) fight this Saturday 05 May 2012 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweather in best record and pre fights against Miguel Cotto. Join us to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto live HBO results fight match MMA previews on asportsnews at this page.

Floyd Mayweather in best record and full form to pay UFC match MMA season against Miguel Cotto. who will be going up back up to 154 pounds to fight Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto for his WBA championship belt.Mayweather tends to trash talk his opponents and play mental warfare, making it clear that they are not on his level of talent and skill inside the ring, but for whatever reason, he’s going the opposite route for this fight.

Miguel Cotto who has one of the finest records in the WBA will go up against Floyd Mayweather at The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.Cotto is four years younger than Mayweather, but I don’t make much of that number. Mayweather has always taken exceptional care of himself physically and Cotto’s 31 has a lot more tough ring miles on it than Mayweather’s 35 does.

Mayweather and Pacquiao have a long history of would-be fights that amounted to nothing more than performance-enhancing substance abuse. Ultimately their match-up was shelved for sometime between “someday” and “never.” For many fans, Cotto is a consolation prize. Mayweather is a huge star and Cotto has a large Puerto Rican fanbase to draw from. With this also being a fight between the #1 fighter at 147 pounds (Mayweather) and the #1 fighter at 154 pounds (Cotto) with the #2 154 pounder (Canelo Alvarez) facing a recognizable superstar (Shane Mosley) on the undercard there’s plenty of strength on the card that could push buys up considerably.

Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Live HBO Boxing Results 5 May 2012

Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Live HBO Boxing PPV Online

Mayweather vs Cotto Live 2012
MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Date: May 5, 2012
Time: 9:00 PM ET
Official site stream: HBO.COM
Grand: MGM Grand Hotel
City: Las Vegas, NV

strength advantage against Floyd Mayweather Jr., in the hands of a highly skilled, strategically solid fighter like Cotto, can go a long way towards negating some of the areas where Mayweather has clear advantages.Mayweather winning a hard-fought decision Saturday night. He’ll come away undefeated and nobody will really question that he deserves to be. But I think it will be tougher than expected.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto match Golden Boy CEO Says Fight Could Break 2 Million PPV Buy Mark.

Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto Boxing Fight Results 5 May 2012:

watch Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto live boxing fight match on HBO PPV tv online with results latest updates previews at this page for fans to enjoy full match live actions and videos replay.

Mayweather Defeated Cotto Over 12 RDs Scores: 117/111, 118/110, 117/111.

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