Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Boxing Fight Prediction – 16 Dec 2012

Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina mostly search about both boxers important fight prediction who is held on 16 December 2012.Khan vs Moina fight 12 rounds match prediction views who will win fight match? here complete information views both boxers records of previews fights here at asportsnews stay connected for more details.

We see the ring Dec 16 Aamir Khan come undefeated, Los Angeles will return with Carlos Molina. The fact that Molina still fight fighter like Khan respectively and this is despite the undefeated. If, as all boxing fans know, you know, how ever finish it once a couple will put you in the ring. I predict that in the video. so check it out and I know what is your forecast. What do you guys think we will all 12 rounds?.

Opportunities such as a possible shot at junior welterweight kingpin WBA/WBC champion Danny Garcia or a move back down to his former weight class to challenge WBC lightweight titleholder, Mr. HBO, Adrien Broner would not be out of the question. The fighters share the same promoter and a win over Khan would certainly make Molina a viable contender in either division.

The near 27 year old Carlos Molina who’s being rumored as Amir Khan’s next opponent is a 5’6″/168cm lightweight who is 17-0-1 with seven knockouts but has yet to face a ‘name’ opponent and is ranked No. 70 by BoxRec in the lightweight division.

An excellent matchup between two talented boxers takes place on Saturday, December 15th in Los Angeles as Amir Khan takes on Carlos Molina. Let’s take a look at this light welterweight fight that will be televised

Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina Boxing Fight Prediction

Sat between two talented boxer takes a great match up, Los Angeles on December 16th as Amir Khan takes on Carlos Molina. Let’s take a look at light welter weight fight will be on TV.

Heavily favored Khan

Molina although it is not out of the fight, Khan difficulties that boxing is a big favorite. Khan, 26-3 with 18 knockouts, while Molina’s record is unbeaten in 7 knockouts 17-0-1. Khan is bigger, faster and more experienced than Molina. This does not mean that this fight as Khan is concerned about the two are not directly do damage. Many people are wondering whether Khan’s chin is a real champion.

Looking for Molina Knockout

Although he is a big underdog, Molina believes he can knockout against Khan. “Khan Wars is a good, quick hands and a good overall player, but the problem is,” Mullen said. Khan has been shown recently that I just can not stand the trade shots with opponents. Khan Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia Molina is what will be seen. I question whether it is enough to get talent.

Khan Looking for Redemption

Recently, it has been difficult to mine but with two straight losses for training, and firing Freddie roach is changed with Virgil Hunter.

“Carlos Molina on December 15th I’m fighting in the sand. Waiting in the war, it has the past 12 months, during the hard, hard journey has come,” Khan said.

they Patterson said the initial damage, I still believe I won that fight, and I have not seen, “Khan said.

” I tried to get it again, but because of drug testing If not, the whole training camp was 10 weeks, the war was called off. I might have one or two rounds on Saturday and then jump in with Danny Garcia.

“Khan not only beat Molina., In fashion or big paydays from the road I will not win the dream is over.


Khan’s success over very well but Molina’s value is more than a 8-1 in 12 rounds fight game.If Khan were to lose, however unlikely that may be, it would be his third loss in as many fights. A loss at this point would be absolutely devastating, whether it comes by stoppage or decision, and it could be something that he may never be able to bounce back from.

There are those out there that feel Molina has the tools to win this fight (including childhood friend Abner Mares), but the truth of the matter is that Molina has not fought anyone close to Khan’s level before.  In fact, he just graduated to 10 rounders 3 fights ago, and in August of last year he drew with a fighter that was 5-4-1.  In addition, Molina only has a 39% career KO rate, and he has only registered one stoppage in his last 8 fights.

I think Molina was a very carefully chosen selection, and despite all of Khan’s recent problems in and out of the ring,I think Khan is still a very talented fighter with excellent hand speed and footwork, and if he doesn’t get KO’d (which I am betting he won’t) then I think he will win easy enough.

Mostly fans expect=(Khan by 5th round TKO)

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