Reviews to be reset after 80 overs DRS System Updates by ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has updated its policies about the Decision Review System (DRS). According to the new system, two DRS will be available for both teams after every 80 overs in a innings of a Test match. This new policy trial is going to be implemented from 1 October 2013 in all Test matches that use Decision Review System (DRS).

In previous system, a team is allowed only two reviews in a innings of a Test but now things are about to change. Under new policy, the teams will be given two new reviews after every 80 overs of an innings despite the fact that how many reviews they have used before. The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced this policy after its Chief Executives Meeting in Dubai.

DRS reviews to be reset after 80 overs with new update by ICC

“Reviews to be reset after 80 overs DRS System Updates by ICC”

According to a press release by ICC:

“A trial of the new DRS system will be conducted in which a team’s number of referrals will be topped-up to two reviews after 80 overs of an innings. This trial will begin from 1st October, 2013 in all Test matches where DRS is used, with the results being monitored and considered by the Working Group.”

Another important decision which was taken in this meeting is relevant to One Day International (ODI) matches. ICC has announced that for an ODI which will be reduced to only 25 overs or less before the start of the innings, only one new ball will be each innings. This rule is also be implemented from 1st October 2013. The ICC is working on the development of a cricket ball that can be used for 50 overs.

The decision about taking a review of the DRS was taken after some controversial decisions taken during the recent Ashes series. The CEC has reviewed the the system’s performance during the Ashes series and a paper submitted by the Australian and England cricket boards was also bought to discussion during the meeting. The CEC has agreed that a working group will be formed that will ensure the best usage of this technology in future.

In the meeting, the umpires decision authority about slow over-rate and time wasting moves by the players was also expanded in order to maximize the usage of game’s playing time. The International Cricket Council also confirmed the start of World Test Championship in Dubai during the month of October.

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