PCB PSL Organization still work for Organized Event in Pakistan

The dream of organizing Pakistan Super League (PSL) may always remain as a dream. The former Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Chaudhry Zaka Ashraf had announced that PCB will be organizing a Pakistan Super League (PSL). The Pakistan Super League is a Twenty20 cricket league that was supposed to replace Faysal Bank T20 Cup. According to the initially announced schedule it was supposed to start on 26th March 2013 but then was postponed for a nu-specified time period.

Now this league is causing a monthly loss of money to Pakistan Cricket Board. The league has been postponed but the headquarter of Pakistan Super League (PSL) is still there and its member Mr.Bader Refai is still being paid Rs. 150,000  for doing almost nothing. Till now 15 Crore rupees have been already spent on just the pays and meetings between PSL staff and the players.

Pakistan Cricket Board is still defending this situation. The PCB representative Nadeem Serwar said that the Pakistan Super League  is one of the top priority project of PCB and that’s why PSL head quarter is still functional (PSL) and Bader Refai is doing his work. Noe we will have to see that whether the PSL headquarter be able to organize the much awaited league or it will also end-up as a flop project of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Pakistan Premier League was delayed for an indefinite period of time . Announced the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Twenty20 case of excessive speculation in the Pakistan Premier League ( PSL) time delayed indefinitely , and the reasons for the delay , including a timetable , a no-objection certificate (NOC) and the history of the conflict .

Since it was officially unveiled raise LET idea many questions , but still have the CCP confidence in the whole process of the event was organized to be able to host the star players – however , did not consider this notice late encouraging sign.

” We have declared the AAA said , sponsors , broadcasters, and the reaction was extraordinary potential franchise players , CEO : ” LET Dec Salman Sarwar home.

Has signed more than 80 foreign players SED as much as 15 franchise buyers , and the top 10 broadcasting companies and large commercial organizations from various potential sponsors have collected the tender documents , and expressed a strong interest to their respective owners . However, there are some other investors hope to be able to give them more time. ‘

The Council said in a statement that the management of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and SEB came to discuss with the concerned parties , a number of conclusions .

“It was relevant stakeholders with the time pressure on the issue of the tender, and the use of assets held by the benefits. Despite the significant progress made in the PSL ( Company broadcast, and players of excellence and investors) to government tax exemption to approve the final version of this reality, there seems to be a need for more time.

“More than 80 foreign players ( and growth ) have signed to participate in the auction in personal status , but the process of national oil companies of the map relevant still needs some time because of conflicts of time, can lead to a number of star players missing , so we organize activities to welcome in the league. ”

I do not think that this is the reality : Latif

Rashid Latif said former captain said he believed that the SED will never become a reality , and a large amount of money in buying a franchise .

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