PCB denied blocking players from Dhaka Premier League

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has denied the allegation of blocking players from participating in the Dhaka Premier League. According to the PCB, the Bangladesh cricket board has not made any kind of contact with them related to the clearance of Pakistani players for playing in the Dhaka Cricket League.

A number of famous players from the Pakistan national squad were expected to be a part of this much awaited tournament but now none of these layers will be seen in action at Dhaka Cricket League. Because according to the rules of International Cricket Council (ICC), every player who wants to participate in a domestic competition being organized in another country requires a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the home board.

PCB denied blocking players from Dhaka Premier League

“PCB denied blocking players from Dhaka Premier League”

The relationship between the Pakistan and Bangladesh cricket Board has not been so good since the Bangladesh refusal to tour Pakistan last year even after agreeing to do so on to separate occasions. Bangladesh tour to Pakistan was very important of the Pakistan cricket board as this could have been a major progress in their struggle to revive international cricket on their home grounds which has stopped since the Sri Lankan team incident in 2009.

For this same reason, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had refused to allow its players to take part in the Bangladesh Premier League earlier this year. For the Dhaka Premier League, the point of view of PCB is that they were never contacted by the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) for seeking permission. A PCB official said that:

“It is only reasonable to expect PCB to deal with the governing body of cricket in a country rather than its affiliated units and the matter of giving permissions to players for foreign leagues is between the respective boards, In case of Dhaka Premier League, though we were contacted by organizers of the league at a very late stage.”

Reports from the Bangladesh suggest that Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) refused to talk to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) about this matter. Some Pakistani players have said that the BCB should have contacted with the PCB, because this issue has caused a loss of money to the players and a loss of gloss to the league.

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