Pakistan Beat India Won by 5 Wickets T20 Warm Up Match

Pakistan Beat India Won by 5 Wickets T20 Warm Up Match today 17 September 2012 in Sri Lanka before start of T20 World Cup 2012. India make 186/3 wickets but Pakistan chase target in 19.1 over 187 runs.Kamran Akmal and Malik make a good pair and make sure win against India team in this Warm up T20 match.Kamran Akmal 92 runs in 50 balls only and become a hero for Pak team fans and nations like this batting style with six, four runs boundaries.

A day afore the World Twenty20 begins in Sri Lanka, India’s bowlers bootless to avert 185 in a countdown bold afterwards R Ashwin had bargain Pakistan to 91 for 5. Kamran Akmal’s abiding advance accomplished the bold with about an over left. Barring Ashwin, Kamran toyed with India’s bowling as he swung six afterwards compact six in the aggregation of Shoaib Malik, who bettered even Kamran with a strike-rate over 200 for his 37. What will anguish India added is that they absent admitting the use of 5 frontline bowlers, the countdown bold finer acceptance them the Supersub.

Pakistan will not be complaining, though. afterwards an boisterous appearance from their bowlers, they had their assignment cut out if they came out to bat. They started in aggressive fashion, but absent two wickets in Ashwin’s aboriginal over. Kamran, though, fabricated abiding the drive was not lost. He began with a attractive cover-drive for a brace aboriginal ball, and lofted the additional brawl he faced for a six.Pakistan Beat India Won by 5 Wickets T20 Warm Up Match

Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh again suffered at Kamran’s easily afore Ashwin came aback to about-face it about it with a mid-innings spell. In the 10th over he had Hafeez and Shahid Afridi bent at the boundary, afore diving abounding breadth to his appropriate to bolt Umar Akmal off his own bowling. At that date it seemed Pakistan had messed the hunt up by arena about too abundant with the batting order, but Malik and Kamran had added ideas.

Sensible batting followed afore the turnaround started in the 15th over if Kamran swung Zaheer Khan for alternating sixes over long-on, and Malik collection him for four over mid-off. While runs seemed all too easy, the key over remained Ashwin’s. All Indian eggs seemed to be in his bassinet as Kamran and Malik basically had their way with the others. By the time Ashwin came on to basin the 18th over, the blueprint had afflicted completely.

Pakistan bare 29 now, and they could allow to yield it simple in Ashwin’s over. They were agreeable with certain seven runs off his over, alive able-bodied they could hit the others. And hit others they did. Kamran absolved way beyond to Balaji in the 19th over to ambit a low abounding bung for a aboveboard leg over six, and Malik akin it with a attic over long-off to leave alone six to get off the endure over. Irfan conceded it through one arced abounding toss.

It wasn’t all doom and anguish for India, though, as one of their capital batsmen continued his aureate form, and addition begin some much-needed form. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma powered to fifties in a aeon affiliation that seemed to accept accustomed India enough. While Kohli’s was just an addendum of an absurd run, Rohit’s assuming in both countdown matches – he fabricated 37 adjoin Sri Lanka on Saturday – will be a big abatement for the management. The alone downside of Kohli and Rohit’s ascendancy was that Yuvraj Singh has now faced just 17 deliveries in both countdown amateur put together.

Kohli’s absolute blow was axiomatic if he nonchalantly abrupt his aboriginal supply through midwicket for four in the fifth over. His aplomb spurred him to footfall out consistently to the Pakistan spinners. Rohit begin aplomb as his innings grew, and even overtook Kohli on the scoreboard briefly. Their affiliation of 127 came at abutting to 10 runs an over. Like Ashwin for India, the Pakistan bowling assemblage had Saeed Ajmal angry a lone, accident battle. He went at beneath a run a brawl while others bowled ailing beneath pressure.

Kohli and Rohit begin a way about Ajmal absolutely appreciably, but they were to acquisition out the aforementioned done to their bowling unit, alone abundant added emphatically.

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