New Zealand Beat India In 4th ODI To Seal Series

New Zealand Beat India 4th ODI Match by  7 wickets (with 11 balls remaining) , India tour of New Zealand is very bad for the Indian cricket team, now today the loss the series by 3-0. On today in 4th one day international match, Indian team played first his opening again could not gave a good response so but India captain Dhoni captain played well and Sharma also both are hit the 50 score above and Dhoni was not out on 79 score.

At the end of his innings Indian team could not gave a very big target, every one expect from they gave 300 score target then may be they won the game but they will be able to gave a 179 runs target on 5 wickets lost. Now India winning match all efforts goes to the Indian bowling side, on the other hand Nz team have big advantage his home ground. New Zealand team first opening gave a good score target but they India will be able to get the first three wickets.

New Zealand Beat India In 4th ODI To Seal Series

New Zealand Beat India in 4th ODI

then Taylor come for played and he hit the every ball so he made 112 score with the help of 15 fours but unlucky New Zealand captain McCullum not out on 49 and New Zealand team chase his target before the 11 balls. Now New Zealand team won 4th one day game and also won the series form big Indian world no 1 team, after loss these game Indian ranking down Australia team on top, for more latest news please stay connected with us.

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