Najam Sethi appointed PCB interim chairman

The named Sethi star, a prominent journalist and former Prime Minister caretaker in the state of Punjab, the interim head of the PCB by the Government of Pakistan. Suspended Zaka Ashraf, who was elected president in the first week of May, from office by the Supreme Court in Islamabad on May 28 because of the questions that have been raised about the legitimacy of the election.

“I have been asked by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to fill, in the role of PCBs, for a temporary period,” said Sethi told reporters in Lahore. “My job will be to cover the immediate meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce and facilitate the selection committee for the selection of the squad for the tour of the West Indies.”
Najam Sethi appointed PCB interim chairman
The Supreme Court upheld the Islamabad later comments Ashraf and ordered a coordination committee between the provinces of Pakistan for naming a temporary chairman to represent the Board at the Annual General Meeting of the International Criminal Court in England, which is scheduled for 25 to June 29.

Sethi will take over as Chairman with immediate effect – from Monday. He will leave for London, for a meeting of the International Criminal Court, on Tuesday, with PCB COO Glory Ahmed. With regard to the meeting, Sethi said: “I understand a lot of work completed already and I only have to facilitate and follow up the recommendations on the various outstanding issues.”

Gave Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to approve the appointment of Citi as PCB.The Supreme Court in Islamabad stopped former Prime PC Zaka Ashraf from work and ordered the Inter-Provincial Committee for the appointment of the President on behalf of the PCB after filing a petition in the IHC against his election.

Blessings on the applicant to announce the election of Ashraf null and void as elected through unfair means.

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