Muhammad Aamir Targeting 2015 Return to International Cricket

Pakistan’s banned pacer Muhammad Aamir is hoping to be allowed back in international cricket in 2015, when they would complete a maximum five-year ban for his role in the 2010 spot-fixing scandal that shook the game.The 20-year old, actualization in his aboriginal television account on the ‘Geo Super channel’ yesterday, insisted he has learn from his mistakes.

“No one can accept the aching I go through today if I watch the Pakistan aggregation arena anywhere. I wish to be with them. But there is annihilation I can do now except to accumulate my button up and achievement for the best. It is a huge abuse to realise that I had the apple at my anxiety and I messed it all up because of one mistake,” the left-arm pacer said.

“I don’t apperceive what is traveling to appear but I am targeting a acknowledgment to candid in 2015. I accept nets in my home and I go to the gymnasium. So I am befitting myself motivated. I apperceive I can accomplish annihilation with harder work,” he added.

The youngster aswell asserted that afore the spot-fixing scandal, he had never been complex in any affectionate of corruption.Muhammad Aamir Targeting 2015 Return to International Cricket

“Even in 2010 what happened was that I was affected into a allurement to abstain an abhorrent situation. Some humans see it as greed, maybe it was that. But afar from that incident, I played honestly,” he said.

Aamir, however, beneath to accusation his above captain Salman Butt, who aswell served a bastille book for his captivation in the scandal, or anyone abroad for his predicament.

“It was my aberration for whatever affidavit and I affliction it absolutely and I accept apologised for it to my people. But now I wish to move on and alpha a new life,” he said.

“I don’t wish to allow in any accusation bold or aspersion because already the angel of Pakistan candid has been damaged a lot because of this controversy. I anticipate it is time we let it air-conditioned down and move on. No one can change annihilation and I can’t change what I or my ancestors has gone through,” Aamir added.

Aamir is anon confined a five-year ICC ban for his role in the aspersion that bankrupt out on Pakistan’s bout to England.

Aamir and teammates, Butt and Mohammad Asif were all banned by the ICC anti-corruption attorneys in aboriginal 2011 and in November the aforementioned year, they were accustomed altered bastille sentences by a acme cloister for cheating and bribery beneath British laws.

Their bans became applicative from September 2010 if they were aboriginal abeyant afterwards the fourth Test at Lord’s amid Pakistan and England in which Aamir and Asif bowled advised no-balls.

Aamir said he wants to accomplish apology for absolution his humans down.

“I wish to do a lot for Pakistan whenever I appear back. I apperceive I can accord a lot of joy and pride to my countrymen If I get a adventitious again,” he said.

“Frankly speaking I don’t wish to see any added amateur go through what I accept gone through. I died if the badge abandoned me. I accept conveyed to the PCB and ICC I am accessible to them in any address they wish to use me to forward out a bulletin to others that bribery does pay,” he added.

The youngster, who completed 50 Test wickets in 14 Tests, said he was blessed the ICC was application his videos to brainwash players in the candid apple and abnormally in the adolescence Apple Cup.

Aamir aswell denied allegations that he accumulated abundance and purchased acreage of millions due to his base practices if he was playing.

“Whatever is appear in the media is not all-important true. If we won the T20 Apple Cup in 2009 I becoming about 13 actor rupees with which I purchased a home and car. I becoming in millions from added endorsements and logo advocacy deals.

“Today candid pays a lot and players don’t charge to abatement into any allurement of corruption.”

He aswell fabricated it bright that he was not paying annihilation to his acknowledged team.

“They are acceptable me and angry my case on acknowledged aid beneath British laws. And if I requested for acknowledged aid I had to abide all my coffer statements, tax allotment and data of assets to seek acknowledged aid so I accept annihilation to adumbrate from anyone.”

Aamir aswell accepted that apprenticeship was all-important for sportspersons in any game.

“Today I affliction I couldn’t abide my academy apprenticeship but already I get this ban out of the way I will try to complete my academy apprenticeship age is on my side.”

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  1. I am not Pakistani and I don’t follow cricket . I saw Mohammad Aamer on sport news.
    I think enough is enough and he should be back soon. His talent should not be
    wasted more. Apart from cricket , this guy is incredibly good looking and handsome. Truly gorgeous and very sexy. It is unbelievable for a Pakistani to be so
    good looking. He is his country’s national asset.

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