England Beat Australia 4th Test and Take Series Lead by 3-0 in Ashes 2013

After the great performance England team get the Ashes 2013 victory from Australian cricket team. England team looking in a good form when they won first first Investec Test on 14th July Sunday 2013. The first series match is very exiting for England cricket lovers fans are enjoy and England team get the first victory looking good condition.

England team played 1st innings gave not very big total score 215, Australia 280 all out so Australia team score better then the other Eng cricket team but in second innings gave a target 311 runs while Australia all out on 296, so England won by 14 runs but this victory not very big for us.

In very next second Investec test England team performed very out standing first Eng player made 362 while on the other hand English bowler bowel very well specially GP Swann take 5 five wicket gave only 44 score in 21.3 overs in first innings, aus all team out on only 128.

England beat Australia 4th Test and take series lead by 3-0 in Ashes 2013

England 2nd innings played very well opening batsman JE Root made 180 score while gave 583 score target while On the other hand GP Swann bowel again very well and get four wickets in 2nd Innings and Australia all team on 235. England won another test by 347 runs this victory is very big for the ENG cricket team.

The 3rd test match is tough from both sides team, Australia team struggle hard but could not get the victory match drawn.  England v Australia The Ashes 2013 4th Test match is very important for both teams. England cricket again bat first England 1st innings made 238 all out while on the other hand Australia team all out on 270.

England 2nd innings gave a total target 299 score while Eng SCJ Broad bowler bowl very well took 6 wickets and Australia team all out on 224 Score. So England beat Australia 4th Test on Mon, 12 August 2013, won Ashes 2013 series lead by 3-0. Here we will discuss all four Ashes 2013 test matches scorecard and matches results so for more updates pleas stay here.

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