Disbelief as Sachin Tendulkar misses 100th ton

Disbelief as Sachin Tendulkar misses 100th ton: India batsman Sachin Tendulkar failed to make their fans left 100th international century very flat in Mumbai on Friday, with supporters leaving the stadium in droves after his dismissal for 94.

In contrast to the previous three days, when the crowds were thin on the ground, Wankhede Stadium fans came to see if the master batsman could be based on overnight to 67 and not reach the unprecedented milestone.

As Tendulkar pushed confidence in the nineties with a series of limits in style, late arrivals ran desperately clutching tickets to the ground, desperate not to lose the opportunity.

Others without tickets milled around the television cameras set up in the Marine Drive promenade sweeping, waving saffron, white and green flag of India and listen to radio comments on their mobile phones.
Disbelief as Sachin Tendulkar misses 100th ton
But as news emerged that he had Tendulkar edged Ravi Rampaul to fall into second place, fans grabbed his head in disbelief. Instead of applause came only the sound of heavy traffic during rush hour.

“I had a ticket but I came here, on the off chance of getting one,” said Ramesh Chauhan, an official 43-year-old from Mumbai. “I could not get one, so I’m doubly disappointed.”

Newcomers who had not heard the news that Tendulkar was still running out to reach the venue on time. But were stopped on their way by pedestrians moving his head as they were told the news.

“I’m depressed, really,” said Chinmay Kurve, a software worker 24 years of age, industry, as he left the stadium.

Mumbai had been in a state of expectancy on record, with Tendulkar one of the favorite sons of the city as well as a sporting icon for millions of cricket fans in India.

The 38-year-old, was born in the city and cut his teeth in cricket full of public Mumbai, playing fields, before making his international debut at the precocious age of 16 years.

The depressed mood was Wankhede Stadium was in sharp contrast to the scenes of jubilation in March, when India lifted the Cup one-day international of the world after beating Asian rivals in southern Sri Lanka.

Tendulkar fans still confident that will achieve the feat, either in the next few days an international against the West Indies or the next Test series in Australia.

“There is no doubt that he can do,” said Chauhan.

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