Legal Online Cricket Betting Types in World and Guiding Tips

Cricket is the most popular game in Asian countries lot’s of people crazy for this game. Some people earn money play the cricket betting or gambling legally and illegal ways. The betting on cricket is illegal in most of the countries like Pakistan, India and Australia. Therefore it is not easy to enjoy betting online. Cricket betting is illegal in some countries for example South Africa and it is the best market for placing the bets online.  Therefore most of the bookmarks prefer to live in South Africa so that they can enjoy betting in legal manner. We are provide Information how to play legal online cricket betting types and tips and how to drive this game on legal way.

There are two important types of betting like spread betting and odds betting. The former is much convenient type of betting therefore if you are newbie then you should choose odd betting. The odd betting involves only prediction of loser and winner in each match therefore it is most simple for new users. One important thing about the odd betting is that it requires huge money to play. On the other hand if you have enough experience of cricket game then you should prefer spread betting.

The spread betting involves several aspects like individual performance, individual score, and players of the match and wining of toss. You can have several aspects with spread betting online therefore it is more interesting and beneficial. Here below the common cricket Betting Types in detail.

Cricket Betting Types:Legal Online Cricket Betting Types and Tips

T20, One Day & Test Match Winning Team:

For each single Twenty20, One Day International (ODI) or Test Match, you can bet on the outright winner, or a draw in the case of a test match.

Twenty 20 Indian Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League and Big Bash League Betting:

Whether you call it twenty twenty, t20 or twenty20, this is without a doubt the most exciting type of cricket to watch, and the betting is no different. There are plenty of different betting markets including winning team, highest run scorer, highest wicket taker and plenty of exotics and specials.

Test Match & Series Winner:
For each single match and series you can bet on the outright winner, or a draw in the case of a test match.

First Score of the Game, or Day in a Test Match:
Bet on a single run off the bat or a score of 2, 3, 4, 6 or other (including extras) from the first ball of play of the day.

First Man Out:
Take a punt on who will be dismissed first for the game, or the first dismissal on each day of a test match.

Highest Scoring Batsmen for Each Team:
Simply pick the player who scores the most runs and win the bet

Mode of First Dismissal:
Get good odds when you choose the correct mode of very 1st dismissal of the match or day, including:

  •     Caught by a fielder
  •     Caught by the wicket keeper
  •     Clean Bowled
  •     LBW
  •     Stumped
  •     Run Out
  •     Any Other Mode of Dismissal

Most Batsmen Dismissed by Run Out:
Bet on which team will have the most batsmen dismissed by way of run out, including a tie.

Total Run Outs:
You can elect to bet on zero, one or the most common betting option of more than two runouts for the enter match, which usually pays about $2.50.

First Over Runs for Each Team:
Punt on exactly how many runs will be scored in the first over with the option to bet on a maiden, right through to 7 runs or more.

Man Of The Match Betting:
Simply betting on who will win the man of the match

Most Wickets for Each Team:
Take into account the weather and pitch to find good odds for which bowler you think will get the most wickets for the match.

Highest Individual Match Score:
In test matches, this includes both innings. Options include 1-24, 25-49, 50-74, 75-99 and 100 runs or more.

Cricket has an illustrious history dating back to the 16th century where it started as a children’s game in medieval England and was soon adopted by adults as a rigorous test of athletic skill, physical endurance and strategic thinking. Today the game is followed all over the world, but nowhere does it have more fans than it does in India.

Likewise IPL, Indian Premier League is one the most popular crickets leagues globally with almost all Asian, European and North American bookmakers taking action on it. As covered in our article cricket betting Sites, some European bookmakers are now heavily focused on attracting Indians to wager at their website and now offer accounts in Indian currency.

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