Kamran Akmal improve as a wicketkeeper following a tough tour of Australia

MELBOURNE: Kamran Akmal, the Pakistan wicketkeeper, has said he is keen to move on and improve as a wicketkeeper following a tough tour of Australia, where he came under great scrutiny.

He said it was normal for all players to go through a bad patch once in a while and that the important thing was to learn from each experience.

“Even the greatest players who have played the game have gone through rough patches in their career. Even the likes of Ricky Ponting have gone through slumps in their form,” Akmal told Pakpassion.net. “The most important thing for me to concentrate on is how I bounce back from this. The Sydney Test match was a horrible experience. There is no point in making excuses over events in Sydney.

“All I can do is to work hard on my cricket, learn from the events of Sydney and take on board the advice from colleagues and friends.”

Pakistan endured a miserable tour, losing all three Tests, five ODIs and the T20. Akmal said that despite the series of defeats, the whole team had learnt plenty by just observing the professional work ethic of their opponents.

“It’s tough, cricket in Australia, it’s hard work and you are thoroughly tested in every aspect of your game. The preparation of the Australians and their attention to detail is something that we can all learn from. There are so many things we can take from this tour and use to improve our cricket.”

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