Chris Gayle 85 runs (9 Sixes) Result vs KKR IPL 2013 Match 12

Chris Gayle 9 Sixes Highlights vs KKR IPL 2013 Match 12 on 11 April 2013.Chris Gayle 9 Sixes and 4 Fours 85 runs today match highlights videos against KKR. No stopping Chris Gayle again took centre stage once again for Royal Challengers Bangalore, after a rare-slip up in their previous game. He consigned a quiet start to a chase of 155 to a distant memory with another calm demolition job of an opposition team, backed up by his captain Virat Kohli, as Kolkata Knight Riders suffered their second defeat in a row following a promising start to their new season as defending champions.Gautam Gambhir guided the Knight Riders batting, happy at being asked to bat during the toss, but the total his side managed proved below-par on an excellent track for batting. The Royal Challengers seamers bowled impressively to restrict partnerships after they had begun encouragingly, and struck in the late overs to stifle an attempted surge. Gayle is Man of the Match, well of course. Gayle: “You can put the boundary wherever you want, I’ll take on the challenge. I’m hungry, I need some food [what his Twitter feed will say tonight].”

It kept Knight Riders down to a chaseable score, and Gayle made it look worse than it was.Gambhir was at ease piercing the gaps through the in-field, dispatching Moises Henriques, who opened the bowling, through the leg side and RP Singh past point and extra cover. Muttiah Muralitharan was driven through off, smacked over mid-on, and slog-swept, all this during a half-century stand with Jacques Kallis that promised to take Knight Riders beyond what they eventually got. Kallis sliced Vinay Kumar to deep point, but the promotion of Yusuf Pathan to No.4 triggered an acceleration.

Another team Gayled today. Nuff said.

Kohli gets the orange cap for being the leading run-getter this season for now

stogy: “Yes, Ankit. I can imagine Gayle also using the strategic time out to maximum effect, telling AB, “Yes, I am planning to continue hitting the ball really hard” and AB answering “ermm yes erm erm… good idea. Great strategy””

Jayesh: “RCB should change their team name to GCB = Gayle Challengers Bangalore! :)”

Kumar Saurabh: “Well..its a dangerous bell ringing for other teams. He just hits it so effortlessly…god.”

Somesh: “Believe me , teams are making 15-20 less runs — just to prevent a century from Gayle. Call it strategy!”

Chris Gayle 9 Sixes Highlights vs KKR IPL 2013 Match 12

Chris Gayle 9 Sixes vs KKR IPL 2013 Match 12

0.1 McLaren to Gayle, no run, gets across and pushes a length ball angled across in front of cover, wants the single, has to get back quickly
0.2 McLaren to Gayle, no run, going across him with the angle again, slightly shorter, and he shoulders arms
0.3 McLaren to Gayle, no run, makes him play, he pushes a good length ball towards mid off
0.4 McLaren to Gayle, FOUR, short, Gayle swivels and pulls it hard, in the air over forward square leg
0.5 McLaren to Gayle, no run, skips down the pitch and looks to deposit the length ball over mid on, misses
0.6 McLaren to Gayle, no run, nice, making him play around off, and leaving him with the angle, very close to the outside edge, good bounce too
Royal Challengers Bangalore 4/0   CH Gayle 4* (6b 1×4)
1.3 Kallis to Gayle, 1 run, length on the pads, calmly turned through square leg
Royal Challengers Bangalore 10/0   CH Gayle 5* (7b 1×4)
2.6 McLaren to Gayle, SIX, Gayle has massacred this short ball for six over long on, it came quickly onto him, he didn;t look like he’d got much on the pull, all deception, it;s rocketed rows into the crowd
Royal Challengers Bangalore 19/1   CH Gayle 11* (8b 1×4 1×6)
4.1 Narine to Gayle, no run, tossed up offbreak, pitches on leg, spins across, blocked off the front foot
4.2 Narine to Gayle, no run, flatter, bounces as it spins away, punched to cover
4.3 Narine to Gayle, 1 run, tossed up fuller around off, he comes forward and runs it behind point
4.6 Narine to Gayle, no run, tries to sweep an offbreak but is beaten as it moves away outside off
Royal Challengers Bangalore 21/1   CH Gayle 12* (12b 1×4 1×6)
5.5 McLaren to Gayle, SIX, whack! good length, Gayle sends it soaring over wide long on, gets front foot a few inches outside leg and picks it from around off
5.6 McLaren to Gayle, SIX, massive, six over cover, shifts further outside leg stump now, crouches and lifts an overpitched one over the infield, it lands comfortably over the rope, insane timing and power this man has
Royal Challengers Bangalore 43/1   CH Gayle 24* (14b 1×4 3×6)
6.4 Narine to Gayle, 1 run, overpitched on the pads, worked to deep midwicket
Royal Challengers Bangalore 45/1   CH Gayle 25* (15b 1×4 3×6)
7.2 Balaji to Gayle, no run, slowish length ball going across, Gayle shoulders arms
7.3 Balaji to Gayle, 1 run, width, lots of it, Gayle reaches across and drills it past point’s dive, good work from the sweeper to stop it
Royal Challengers Bangalore 52/1   CH Gayle 26* (17b 1×4 3×6)
8.1 Sangwan to Gayle, FOUR, gentle length ball outside off, and Gayle has scythed that past the man at mid off, who had only a few feet to cover to his right, he still couldn’t get to it
8.2 Sangwan to Gayle, 1 run, hit hard down to long on
8.5 Sangwan to Gayle, no run, short of a length, Gayle does not go after the width, guides it tamely to point
8.6 Sangwan to Gayle, no run, around the blockhole, Gayle pats it back
Royal Challengers Bangalore 75/1   CH Gayle 31* (21b 2×4 3×6)
9.6 Balaji to Gayle, FOUR, third man is up, even if he was back, he would have struggled to stop this, Gayle has cut it so savagely backward of point
Royal Challengers Bangalore 80/2   CH Gayle 35* (22b 3×4 3×6)
10.3 Sangwan to Gayle, 1 run, very low full toss, Gayle squeezes it down to long on
10.5 Sangwan to Gayle, SIX, short ball, there is a man at deep midwicket, but Gayle’s pulled it flat and well out of the reach of that fielder
10.6 Sangwan to Gayle, 2 wides, he is ready with a foreboding backlift, but this one is too far outside off, keepre fails to gather
Royal Challengers Bangalore 91/2   CH Gayle 42* (24b 3×4 4×6)
11.1 Balaji to Gayle, no run, slower and full, he tries to reach for it, misses
11.2 Balaji to Gayle, 1 run, bat in front of pad to ease a pitched up ball to long off
11.4 Balaji to Gayle, no run, pushes an overpitched one to extra cover
11.5 Balaji to Gayle, 1 wide, oops, he lost this one, very high full toss past the batsman, bounces close to the keeper
11.5 Balaji to Gayle, SIX, that has been carted into outer space, and has then been pulled down by gravity miles beyond deep midwicket, length around off, Gayle taking care of it
11.6 Balaji to Gayle, no run, nice recovery from Balaji, slowish and full around the blockhole, Gayle swings and gets an inside edge onto boot
Royal Challengers Bangalore 104/2   CH Gayle 49* (29b 3×4 5×6)
12.3 Narine to Gayle, no run, pushes front foot forward, waits, and lets this offbreak pass by him outside off
12.4 Narine to Gayle, no run, tossed up, he comes forward and defends to point
12.5 Narine to Gayle, 1 run, thick inside edge to the leg side as he gets forward to defend, and that is another fifty in the IPL for Chris Gayle, Chinnaswamy is generous is in the applause
Royal Challengers Bangalore 110/2   CH Gayle 50* (32b 3×4 5×6)
13.1 Kallis to Gayle, 1 run, overpitched from round the stumps, powered wide of the sweeper, who does well to get around to it
13.3 Kallis to Gayle, no run, slow and full and wide, Gayle reaches out and stabs it to point
13.4 Kallis to Gayle, no run, slow bouncer, Gayle cannot get bat to it as he tries the help it fine
13.5 Kallis to Gayle, no run, in the blockhole outside off, even Gayle has to squeeze it to the bowler
13.6 Kallis to Gayle, 1 wide, full, wide, way too wide outside off
13.6 Kallis to Gayle, 2 runs, low full toss, point takes pace off the shot with a dive, Gayle charges back for the second and just makes it, better throw and he was gone
Royal Challengers Bangalore 115/2   CH Gayle 53* (37b 3×4 5×6)
14.5 Narine to Gayle, 1 run, sharp single, pushed off the front foot to cover and AB makes it comfortably
Royal Challengers Bangalore 117/2   CH Gayle 54* (38b 3×4 5×6)
15.1 Kallis to Gayle, no run, low full toss hit to extra cover
15.2 Kallis to Gayle, no run, nice work from Kallis, gets it around the blockhole first, and then gets the boot out to stop the hit from Gayle
15.3 Kallis to Gayle, SIX, fullish length this time, and Gayle punishes it, slamming it over long off
15.4 Kallis to Gayle, (no ball) SIX, no difference to Gayle, uses the angle into him to shovel it over wide long on, making some room outside leg to swing big, it is also a no ball
15.4 Kallis to Gayle, FOUR, Gayle getting it done with, full toss outside off, and a slice takes it over backward point
15.5 Kallis to Gayle, no run, short, and he lets it go outside off
15.6 Kallis to Gayle, 1 run, heaves at a full toss, thick edge runs down to third man
Royal Challengers Bangalore 135/2   CH Gayle 71* (45b 4×4 7×6)
16.1 Bhatia to Gayle, 1 run, slow and full, quietly pushed to covers for one
16.5 Bhatia to Gayle, 1 wide, good length ball straight and down the leg side
16.5 Bhatia to Gayle, 1 run, very full, Gayle makes some room, and eases it through the off side
Royal Challengers Bangalore 145/2   CH Gayle 73* (47b 4×4 7×6)
17.1 Balaji to Gayle, no run, slow length ball, tries to steer it to third man, misses
17.2 Balaji to Gayle, SIX, short, Gayle swivels and pulls, again it appears he hasn;t timed it, but try telling the man at deep square leg that, he had no chance as it sailed over
17.3 Balaji to Gayle, 1 wide, slanted too wide across the left-hander
17.3 Balaji to Gayle, SIX, that will be that, he banishes a length ball high over long on to end with nine sixes
Royal Challengers Bangalore 158/2   CH Gayle 85* (50b 4×4 9×6)

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