We have saved 100 crore in IPL 4 2011

We have saved 100 crore in IPL 4 2011 | Chirayu Amin said We have saved 100 crore in IPL 4 2011

We have saved 100 crore in IPL 4 2011: He took over as the chairman of IPL after Lalit Modi’s controversial exit.  One year into his job and Chirayu Amin says he is happy about his performance. Excerpts from an interview:

You took over as chairman of IPL when it was surrounded by controversies last year. How has been your one-year stint?

It has been a good stint as we have been running the league professionally. The governing council is being run like a professional company with complete transparency. Now, every decision is taken jointly after discussion which was not the case earlier. Each and every tender is opened in presence of lawyers and bidders.

What were the important steps taken in last one year and how did IPL benefit from it?

Apart from bringing in transparency, we made it a point to stop unnecessary expenditure and spent money more judiciously. These measures alone have helped us save Rs 100 crore in IPL-4.

The late-night parties during IPL have been discontinued. Did the franchises object to it?

Not at all. In fact, the franchise owners are happy that we stopped the parties. They feel that the players will now be able to maintain their focus more on cricket. IPL is more about cricket.

After all the controversies that hit IPL last year, how has been the response from the fans?

The opening ceremony of IPL-4 received maximum TRPs and the games have received more viewership than last year. Also, Volkswagen joined in as additional sponsor for IPL-4 and we hope our revenues to be higher this year which means more money for state associations.

Two teams were added in IPL-4. Any plan to add more teams in future?

There is no chance of having additional teams in IPL now. The schedule window does not allow us to have more teams and matches.

You had a long stint with Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) as president and also vice-president of BCCI. Did it help you in running IPL better?

Well, I have been at handling cricketing affairs since long so it did help. But, my experience of running Alembic Ltd helped me more in running IPL as we have to apply same principles of management used in corporate sector. Timesofindia

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