Ricky Ponting apologies for smashing an LCD screen

Australia skipper Ricky Ponting apologised for smashing an LCD screen in the team’s dressing room following his run out in the World Cup opener against Zimbabwe, but his behaviour came under severe criticism from former cricketers.

The incident took place immediately after Ponting was run out on Tuesday by a direct hit from the deep by Zimbabwe’s Chris Mpofu in the Group A clash between the two teams.

An agitated Ponting was seen talking angrily to himself as he walked back to the dressing room and, in a state of fury, threw his gear, which accidentally hit the LCD monitor.

Ponting, Gujarat Cricket Association ( GCA) officials claimed, immediately apologised and requested the authorities for a replacement, said the Australian team’s media manager Lachy Paterson.

While Ponting is unlikely to face any disciplinary action if an ICC source is to be believed, his action didn’t go down well with the cricketing fraternity.

“The dressing room is supposed to be sacrosanct so I am a little bit disappointed. That sort of behaviour … you don’t want to hear about during a World Cup. You want to hear about Ricky Ponting making a 100, not messing up in the dressing room,” said South Africa great Barry Richards.

“But one thing is obvious that there is a lot of pressure on him to try and win the World Cup,” added Richards.

Former India cricketer Arun Lal was scathing in his criticism of Ponting.

“It’s awful. If you are disappointed, there is no reason to turn violent. You are disappointed; you made a mistake, an error of judgement. Everybody is disappointed but how does that mean that you come and throw your kit.

“It’s too childish, grow up, for God’s sake. You are playing the World Cup, you are an idol for the next generation,” said Lal.

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