India vs Pakistan Semi Final ICC Cricket world Cup 2011 Match Venue-Date and Time

India vs Pakistan Semi Final ICC Cricket world Cup 2011 Match Venue ,Date and Time

India vs Pakistan Semi Final: ICC Cricket World Cup Most Viewed Match of India vs Pakistan Semi Final Will be played on 30 March at India In Mohali .Both teams are Big and Hot favorite for this World Cup2011. India vs Pakistan Semi Final Match will be most enjoying and exciting match of this world cup and for all fans who want to see both team in action after a long time .

Both Side are have some really match winner who can change any situation of match in any time .Both nations have more curious about this match because of rivalry . And no  one want to loose this mega match and want to proceed further to World Cup Final but this Cricket and only one proceed further .

Which team have bear pressure more professionally won this match easily .

India vs Pakistan Semi Final ICC Cricket world Cup 2011

India vs Pakistan Semi Final ICC Cricket world Cup 2011 Match Venue-Date and Time
India vs Pakistan Semi Final ICC Cricket world Cup 2011 Match Venue-Date and Time

Date and Time : 30 March 2011 , 09:00 GMT | 14:30 Ind 14:00 PKT
Venue : Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh
Temperature: 17 – 33 * C

Both teams are confident more about this toughest match of the Cricket World Cup 2011. Both sides players want to show their better performance and want to immortal in History of Ind-pak Sports.

India vs Pakistan Semi Final ICC Cricket world Cup 2011 Voting Poll

Who will win semi final of Pakistan vs India?

  • Pakistan (51%, 4,369 Votes)
  • India (49%, 4,153 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,519

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62 Comments on “India vs Pakistan Semi Final ICC Cricket world Cup 2011 Match Venue-Date and Time


  2. pakistan win the match in home ground of india inshallah and pakistan win this cricket world cup 2011 pakistan is best country for international cricket and we want the other teams of world play cricket in pakistan . Pakistan is save country. Good by friends

  3. Ye hindustan me rahnewale muslim log pakistan jitne par pathake phodte hai. Sahi ye saale atankwadi hi hai. Saale jaha khate hai wahi ganda karte hai.

  4. Karara Jawaab Milega…. Karara Jawaab Milega….!!!

    Sachin–Akela hi kaafi hai.. He is the Baap of the cricket..!! He is the Baap of Pakistan…!!!

    Go India Go…!!!

  5. By the grace of Almighty Allah Pakistan will win this Semi final and bring happiness to the whole nation. AMEEN
    I also adviser our Idian frinds, pls dont lose heart, just show sportsmanship.
    Accept congeratulate Pakistan on this Victory pls.

  6. I would suggest my Indian friends pls offer your heartiest congeratulations to Pakistani players on this forthcoming Victory Inshallah Ameen

  7. zaroor karaara jawab mile ga .. meri jaan .. india walo ..
    see the history .. on india pehle badshaow ne hukumat ki phir british ne then mugals they . so hindustan ke champions ko muslims .. now seee indian film industry ke champions kon .. muslims .. now see world cup ke champion kon muslims 🙂 aur muslims kon . PAKISSSSTANNNNNNNNNNNNN ..
    Indian She we begin ….. we r the gladitor … this time pakistan ready for glory and victory .. just wait and watch india ..
    boom book afridi

  8. Sachin bhai ne jitna khelna tha kheliya ab un ki baap bane ki umar gai ab woh bhore hogaye hai ..



    Pakistan players booked their return tickets on 31.03.2011

  10. INDIA will never lose at any cost in world cup matches VS pakistan.

    PAKISTAN players did you know the status of three time champions.

  11. india ka bap bhi ni jeet sakta apni shakal dakhi ha unho ne Insha Allah Pakistan hi jeete ga dhoni ki aesi ki tesi….

  12. pakistan jeetey ga wo bi apne susral ja k inshALLAH now nd we make a history with the help of GOD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. Pakistan will win the match, becuase the indian players have been so uncomfortable with their victroies throughout the tornament.

  14. world cup only favour for indian team, then how possible to win the match pakistan?.

  15. bechare pakistani jab kuch nhi milta tto muslman -2 karte rhate hai..unhe iss bat ka andaza nhi hai ki jitne muslman unki country me hai usse khi jyada humahari country me hai,aur hum sirf itna jante hai,.

    ki, we are indians,and we proud to be indian first ,not hindu aur muslman…

    kas agar ye bat tumlogo ke samjh me aa gai hoti tto kabhi british gov humhe alag hi nhi kar pati……..aur humm asia ki powerful countries me ek hote…and plzz guys this is cricket not war…..

    aur jeetega vhi jo uss din accha khelega ……so dhoni we will rock ,we love u dear…..

  16. well both r best between india and pakistan but this time i think pakistan in a good form so i hope pakistan will win the match agains india best of luck pakistan

  17. dear, pakistani dhostho, yeh world cup india keliya fikker math karo agla world cup aap log lelo t k because this match only on for sachin tendulkar go india go

  18. dekho bhai hamara country meh hindu alagh musalman alagh nahi hei hum sub indian hei tumlog ka parambara abeebi hamara country mem moujud hei

  19. wed 30.3.2011 ,mohali mem ek acha match dekhnekka mokka milgaya world cup history with india

  20. Nilesh Madherchod do not blame religion otherwise i can show u the reality about religion.

  21. Nilesh teri maan aur bhan ko aur teri to bond 30 ko phatay gi

    salay harami tu agar milllllll gaya tu main nahi choooroon ga

    tujh ko

    i willl killl you
    basterd jo tu nay thu ki tujhay cheeer kay rakh dooon ga

  22. Whoever win the match, what does matter is, it should be concidered as a sport and we all should enjoy it in that spirit. Best wishes to both teams. We should not hurt each others emotions.



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  27. INSHALLAH PAKISTAn beat India in Sami Final Its a lesson for ICC and Indians We r The Best YOU never BEAT US

  28. don’t clash each other….will see if india or pakistan……’s a game yaar……y u guys are using badwords………..

  29. I think this will be a geat game of cricket. Both teams are well poised with indians having an edge in their batting. But it will be a pressure game and test of nerves. Home crowed pressure is undeniable and would be visible. Both captains would have to show sportsmanship to keep things heating up to an acceptable level.
    Whole world would be watching if these two great cricketing nations have the will to play with positive spirit. thanks

  30. Inshaa Allah thumma Inshaa Allah, India will win Cricket World Cup 2011 as million of Muslims are praying to God to win Indian. India has almost 30 crore muslim who are praying to God to win India India to win World Cup 2011, It is honour to All Indian to have Cricket World Cup 2011 and InshAllah next too. All the best All Indian Players Go on on Wednesday and Wednesday is good day to Start something new to cover final one. All India jsut have one hope that from Allah. InshAllah We will win if God will help us.

  31. While talking to the media, Imran Khan said that the semi-final match between India and Pakistan is bigger than the final of the World Cup. The sight at the stadium will be very emotional as an old rivalry will be awakened.

    Imran Khan has predicted that that Pakistan will play Sri Lanka in the in the final of the World Cup. He also dismissed Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s statement that they will keep a close eye on match fixing. Imran Khan added that no one can think of fixing the match between Pakistan and India.

    On the other hand, former Indian Captain Kapil Dev said that the Pakistani Squad will be performing at their best under the leadership of Shahid Afridi.

  32. Inshallah by the grace of Almighty Allah, INDIA is gonna win the match 😀 pakistan is gonna lose.

  33. Dear mr Mohammad Dilshad ….as you have more muslims than pakistan, U shud also keep in mind the number of Hindus in India…..

    P.S Pakistan vil WIN….Inshallah…..!!!!!!

  34. pakistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan zindabad goo green go we are with u 🙂 bring this cup to pakistan please 🙂 PROUD TO BE PAKISTANI

  35. hey Qalbe Abbas , u better keep in mind that we all are INDIANS.
    and dont forget only muslim in india are enough for the muslims in pakistan, we even dont need hindus to see u again anywhere anytime,

    Match will be one of the BEST EXAMPLE to say DONT try to MESS UP with INDIANS (HINDUS + MUSLIMS)

    HAPPY + PROUD to b Born in INDIA and to be called INDIAN.

    COME ON INDIA – beat the S**T out of PAKISTAN .

    you get more than 1 billion people behind.

  36. i don no why the peole of pakistan and india are still blaming eachother.Games are done so that to make the gu drelation and increase the mutuality.So sad to find the people doing the comment like that.

    I am the supporter of india…hope india wins

  37. pak will matters how many indian are in number.
    pray for Pakistan u all pakistanis

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