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craigslist killer

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craigslist killer Craigslist Killer Found Dead In His Jail Cell Phillip Markoff, the accused “Craigslist Killer,” the med school student who prosecutors believe preyed on women with ads on Craigslist, had been in jail awaiting his March murder trial, was just found dead in his Boston jail cell today. Right now, it’s believed that he […]

chinese zodiac

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Chinese horoscopes, which are based on one’s Chinese zodiac animal, are popular today in China and around the world. There are 12 different signs ranging from rat to pig and all have particular personalities that are thought to be specific to that animal. Learning one’s birth year, according to the Chinese system, can provide a […]

mollen immunization clinics

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Angry calls and e-mails from Valley physicians come in regularly to the Maricopa County Department of Public Health. Many of the complaints boil down to one or two questions: Why can’t I get more doses of swine-flu vaccine? And, why have you given more than 200,000 to a single Phoenix doctor? That physician is Art […]