who won miss universe 2010

who won miss universe 2010

A 22-year-old woman has the Miss Universe election in Mexico to attract a flowing red dress and to tell an audience have is important to teach children the values of the family.

Jimena Navarrete Guadalajara was the first to answer the interview Monday night and the last of the 83 participants in the parade, head to the Las Vegas Strip resort.

miss universe 2010

After 83 participants graced the stage in skimpy bathing suits and nice clothes, was Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete winner of the 2010 Miss Universe crowned.

Here is how the top five of Miss Universe 2010 posted Participants:

Fourth runner up: Miss Belgium

Third runner up: Miss Urkraine

Second runner up: Miss Australia

1st runner up: Miss Jamaica

Winner of the Miss Universe: Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete

Miss Universe winner Miss Mexico was stunned absolutely brilliant during the parade and it almost seemed that she won the competition, but I think they take a leading role. No … really!

Side note: Let’s talk about Bret Michaels as the co-host the Miss Universe 2010th I think hosting is not his thing – perhaps something to the song instead of drive? And I’m the only one affected by the headscarf? Please, Bret … let us know what their situation is under that thing!

I do not know whether it is worthwhile to mention, but you know – Drill If the Miss Universe 2010 winners fail to meet their obligation to take the first runner-up will.
crowned Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillippe was the second runner-up. Miss Australia Jesenti Campbell is the second runner-up. Miss Congeniality Universe Award went to Campbell, while Miss Universe Miss Photogenic Thailand Fonthip Watcharatrakul won and half price for the best costume.

Miss Universe Miss World Joins reputation as the most beautiful game in the world. California Pacific Mills clothing company founded in 1952 and the game was made by Donald Trump in 1996.

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