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Sara Saco Vertiz, Bo Wyble Foul Ball Couple Breaks Up

Sara Saco Vertiz Bo Wyble foul ball couple break upSara Saco Vertiz and boyfriend Bo Wyble were on The Early Show to talk about how he dodged a foul ball and it hit Sara.

Now Sara Saco Vertiz and Bo Wyble tell the world about their break up in this video clip, but the “foul ball couple” says “It’s not over because of the ball…”


Sara Saco Vertiz replays the Astros game incident to Early Morning Show host Harry Smith, telling him they moved to seats that weren’t theirs, she saw the foul ball come flying and knew it would come their way.

Boyfriend Bo ducked out of the way and the foul ball smashed into Sara Saco Vertiz’s elbow.

Harry Smith asks Bo, “What went wrong,” saying that most men would get in the way of the ball, rather than let it hit a woman. He schools Bo in the way of protecting a lady.

What did Sara Saco Vertiz say after getting hit at the Astros game? “I told you I was going to get hit!”

Do you think Sara Saco Vertiz and Bo Wyble’s break up was over because, as the announcer noted, “chivalry is dead”?

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