PCB imposes lifetime ban on Danish Kaneria

Announced the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of a life time ban on leg spinner Danish Kaneria,PCB reports of the Office on Friday.

According to officials, the PCB, Kaneria will not participate in any activity cricket after the ban.And banned Kaneria, who has repeatedly denied any involvement in an attempt to engineer specific situations in a game, in June last year after being found guilty of corruption when he was playing in Essex County side in 2009.

Kaneria was convicted of 32-year-old, who played 61 tests, of “cajoling and pressure,” former teammate Mervyn Westfield to accept money for conceding any specific number of runs in the game.

Kaneria was given a lifetime ban by the European Central Bank last year after a panel found guilty pregnancy and then Essex teammate Mervyn Westfield to cede nearly certain number of runs in exchange for money in a county match in 2009.PCB imposes lifetime ban on Danish Kaneria
According to the statement of the European Central Bank, the panel of cricket disciplinary committee of the ECB supported the ban on Kaneria life by a disciplinary committee in June 2012 because it had found that he was guilty of two charges under the statute of the European Central Bank.

And Westfield prison and banned for five years.

However, the statement added that Westfield may return to the Cricket Club on April 1 of next year, if he was involved in ‘tougher’ anti-corruption program.

Life ban imposed by the European Central Bank on Kaneria worldwide as agreed all the plates under the jurisdiction of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to support the sanctions imposed by individual Member States in such circumstances.

Kaneria, who has repeatedly protested his innocence, now seen two appeals against the European Central Bank fees fail after the committee rejected CDC case in April.

Complained banned leg spinner Danish Kaneria, who was stabbed in a lifetime ban was rejected by the England and Wales Cricket Board, about not receiving any support from the Pakistan Cricket Board.

“It’s really disappointing that the PCB is willing to speak on behalf of the players who have spent time in prison, but not concerned about my case,” Kaneria said on Wednesday.

Leg spinner said he had tried several times to approach the PCB for help but got no positive response. (Also read: Kaneria appeals to Zardari, Sharif to overturn the ban)

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