Pakistan Beat South Africa to Secure 7th Position in WHL 2013

Pakistan defeated South Africa and secured seventh place in the International Hockey League on Sunday.

Pakistan won the match, he played for the seventh position, against South Africa by 6-2.

Pakistan defeated South Africa 6-2 in the 7-8 placement match of the World Hockey League on Sunday in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Scored two Haseem Khan while the record Muhammad Waqas, Mohammad Radwan father, Amer Shazad Abbas Haider Bilgrami each target.

Opened the scoring Waqas through a penalty corner in the 22nd minute, Pakistan was leading at the end of the first half. Links goals of Radwan, Shazad, Haseem and Bilgrami in the opening minutes of the second half, boosted Pakistan’s position.

Pakistan Beat South Africa to Secure 7th Position in WHL 2013

South Africa fought back and scored two goals during Timothy Lloyd Drummond and Norris Jones, but it was not enough to break the momentum of Pakistan, who scored the final four minutes before full-time during Haseem.

Pakistan came by Korea in the quarter-finals, while hosts Malaysia beat them 3-1 to fifth place on Saturday.

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