obama in seattle

obama in seattle

President Obama was campaigning here. He is tired with the addition of Slurpees “ditch” non-update! Very presidential.

George Mason University history professor Rick Shenkman Obama’s stimulus plan, President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, the president is not comparable.

“He helped people through very tough times I was able to see the president. That is not a barometer of Barack Obama. I did a lot of things were different. He helps people in difficult times was not recognized.

Obama is only two years ago, in the hope of positive change at home and abroad, many people swept up the movement, said young people in particular. But his young supporters of the change of time and takes a lot more interested now in the parliamentary elections can not be displayed.

Meanwhile, maybe a little more before voters on economic and international challenges loom. And Obama’s 2008 natural tendency of scale stones, inspired so many people are looking for answers for the future of these little American-centric view of the world, their own fears about the negative campaign will be. Campaign supposedly traditional values – free enterprise, independence can be built around, smashing the opponent’s military forces – that certainly this year at the national level, whether based in Washington, as well internationally in countries like to keep your strong.

The Democratic Party in 2008, they jangman. Now they have been reflected in the country’s direction and identity are facing a legitimate question in any but the most miraculous economic scenario, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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