lindsay lohan poisoned

lindsay lohan poisoned

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Increasingly, it becomes impossible to hide the adverse effects of bisphenol A, toxic chemicals in food and beverage containers. Earlier this week Sen. Dianne Feinstein called for the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger on legislation to ban the deadly chemicals into children’s diets and beverage packaging to sign.

“The research says more is needed to determine the damage, the BPA to human health, but until we know more we must err on the side of caution and eliminate these potentially harmful products,” Feinstein Schwarzenegger Monday, reports the Hill.

Feinstein exhortation, but not enlist in the Senate – a provision that they completely managed to bisphenol A is not in a bipartisan compromise food security presented earlier this month.

efforts Feinstein emphasizes that the American public finally wakes up to the cornucopia of our toxic food and pharmaceuticals.

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