Kapil Dev’s Coach Desh Prem Azad Dies At Mohali on 16th August

Kapil Dev’s Coach Desh Prem Azad Dies At Mohali on 16th August 2013 due to illness. Kapil Dev’s, who remained Kapil`s coach in the early 1970`s, was 75, The Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) sources said that he was hospitalized in a private hospital at Mohali for the past 15 days but Infection was in his lungs and due to diabetes and old age, he was not feeling well so on 16th August but no improvement since past few days.

Before the three days Kapil Dev’s visit at Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) thereafter his condition went down and was hospitalized at Max hospital in Phase VI but it couldn’t improve so on rear 1 Pm Kapil Dev’s died. Desh Prem Azad have wife and two sons both sons are  custom officers, Kapil Dev also played the cricket he performed in 19 first class matches & his scored is 658 while took the eight wickets.

Kapil Dev's Coach Desh Prem Azad Dies At Mohali

Azad trained players like Kapil Dev, Ashok Malhotra, Chetan Sharma and Yograj Singh in the late 70s and brought Chandigarh on the international map. He also ran a cricket academy at St Stephen’s School, Sector 45, from 2006 to 2012.

Sharma said Kapil Dev’s was a very disciplined and hard-working man, His timings were very strict so if we were even five minutes late for practice, he would punish us by not letting us practice for five days. If he asked us to report at 5am, he was there before us and he was always the last person to leave the stadium. You don’t get to see coaches like him these days.” Sharma also said when is was 14 year old i was practising when some local player siad i was chucking but he was very supportive and he went against the every body & said how can you say that. He said to me they don,t know about the cricket.

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