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Both America’s Got Talent and the show’s British version have benefited tremendously from YouTube viral exposure of videos showing their contestants’ surprising talent. The latest YouTube video to go viral and wow the entire world is the brilliant performance of a child, Jackie Evancho.

What I believe is America’s Got Talent’s brilliant move is to recognize the power of YouTube and encourage contestant videos being spread on this volatile channel. They have included YouTube short acts as auditions for the show. The never before seen videos have been included in their latest show and took the entire world by surprise.

Yesterday’s episode of America’s Got Talent broadcast Jakie Evancho’s singing video (see below) which has since gone to almost one million views on YouTube, along with other such acts, featuring singer Cam Hodges, hip-hop dancer Booker Forte, magician Dan Sperry and comedian Austin Anderson.

Instead of complaining about unauthorized usage of on-show video performances, the crew behind the show had a different strategy, which I think will work wonders for them in the battle to convince large audiences: include YouTube in the show’s promotional effort, proving them right this time. YouTube will continue to give birth to all kinds of celebrities, catching the eyes of millions from accross the world, why not capitalize on so many people just waiting to be entertained?

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