Imran Khan’s Twitter debut – a debacle

ISLAMABAD: Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has made his debut on popular social networking website ‘Twitter’ only to be booed by fellow Pakistanis, who called him a “failed politician” and a Taliban supporter.

Khan’s entry into the Twitter world was announced last night by his ex-wife Jemima Khan.

“For the Pakistani contingent – Imran is now on twitter and will be tweeting daily,” wrote Jemima.

Within minutes of Jemima’s tweet, Pakistani twitterers got into action.

Mehmal Sarfraz, a senior journalist, posted: “Oh my god! He was the only ***** missing! A member going by the name ‘FiveRupees’ joined Sarfraz with, “Oh God. Check out who just joined twitter…I also love that he’s following Jemima Khan. Presumably Hugh Grant is next.”

So far, Jemima is the only person Khan is following on Twitter.

Some others wondered if Khan would use Twitter to post ‘fatwas’ or if twittering was ‘halal’ (lawful)

“We need a fatwa…on whether Twitter is halal or not…,” wrote Sarfraz.

Khan’s tweets had him cornered by many members of the social networking website.

In an attempt to address criticism that he backs the Taliban, Khan wrote, “There is not one statement I have given supporting the Taliban.”

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