Halloween Games for kids updates

Halloween Games for kids updates | Halloween Games for all

Halloween Games for kids updates: A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without Halloween Games for Kids. We scrounged the net to find some of the most classic and fun games for kids that are sure to make for a memorable and spooktacular Halloween celebration. Get out a pen and paper because you’ll want to try these!

Halloween Games for kids updates | Halloween Games for all

Halloween Games for kids updates

There’s nothing like some good ‘ole fashioned Halloween Games for Kids. A few of the ideas that I found online reminded me of my childhood and the fun games my friends and I used to play when we would get together for Halloween festivities. Check out the following games and feel free to use any or all of these ideas for your own spooktacular party!

First off, the traditional and all-time favorite Bobbing for Apples game will have your kids giggling!

Here is what you will need:

*a large metal or plastic tub
*one apple per game player

What you need to do:

Fill up the tub with cold water and put all the appleinside the tub.
Before the kids start taking turns trying to take out an apple be sure you lay down the following rules. Kids must keep their hands clasped behind their backs and use only their teeth to fish out the apple.

There are different ways you can determine a winner. The first option is have two kids at a time try to fish out an apple and the first to bob out an apple wins or get out a stop watch to time how long it takes each child to get out an apple. The child who gets out an apple in the shortest amount of time wins!

The second game is called the Eyeball Relay!

Here is what you will need:

*a ping pong ball for each team
*paint or markers to decorate the ping pong ball like an eyeball
*a spoon for each participating team

What you will do:
Set up a course that each kid will walk through. You can use just walking from one wall to the other or you can get creative with your course.
Separate the kids into teams. Each team will need a spoon and one ping pong ball.
Each kid on each team will have a turn to walk through the obstacle course balancing the eyeball on the spoon. The kid will balance their spoon successfully through the course and then pass off the eyeball and spoon to the next team member in their group. If a kid drops the eyeball anytime during the course, they have to start over again.

Have you heard of the Halloween Corners game? This one is fun!

What you will need:
* Four Halloween themed pictures such as a witch, ghost, skeleton, black cat, pumpkin, scarecrow, etc)

What you will do:

Place each picture in a corner of one room. This game is very similar to musical chairs in that you play music and when the music stops, each kid runs to a corner of the room.
Cut a piece of paper into four squares and print each image that you used for the corners on the pieces of paper (separately, of course) and throw the pieces into a hat.
After the music is stopped, the person in charge of the game will draw a piece of paper out of the hat and all of those standing at that particular corner are out of the game.
Toss the chosen scrap of paper back into the hat and mix them up again.
Start the music again and continue the game as played.
The game continues until just one person is left!

The next game is called Spider’s Web!

What you will need:
*different colored yarn

Have all of the children form a large circle. Give each child a ball of yarn. Have the kids tie the end of the yarn around their waist. When everyone is set up with the yarn around their waists, each person (at the same time) will throw their ball of yarn to someone else in the circle.

Have the kids keep throwing their yarn ball in the same fashion until everyone is out of yarn.

If you want to keep your kids busy for an extended amount of time, have the kids wrap yarn around their legs and arms. At the end of the game, your little spiders will have created a massive spider web!

You parents will have an extra hour or so to watch the kids get untangled from their web!

For musical chairs fans, this one is for you! The only thing is that you will use pumpkins!

What you need:
*small pumpkins or gourds

What you do:
Have the kids sit in a circle and give each kid a pumpkin except one kid. What you will do is start the music and have the kids pass the pumpkins to the next kid and keep passing until the music stops. When the music stops, the kid that doesn’t have a pumpkin is out of the game. Take one pumpkin out and start the passing again. Continue with the game until just one pumpkin and one winner is remaining!

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