cat on a hot tin roof

Cat on a hot tin roof by Williams  complete play .

Is that my father left me.
The ugly old bag!
Inside was nothing … … But his uniform in the Spanish American War.
It was his legacy to me.
And I built this place from scratch.

And all you have left?

Yes, he was a tramp.
Hobo’s most famous car on the circuit.
One hand on the ground as he sometimes worked.
I tagged along.
Sitting on my naked ass in the dirt, waiting for him.
In addition to hunger … … The first thing I can remember the shame.
I was ashamed of that miserable old tramp.
I have cars when I was nine, something you never did.
And you never bury me as I did.
I have a railway buried him in a meadow.
We were running to catch a freight train and gave her heart.
You know something?
Poor old tramp died laughing.

What are you laughing at?

Myself, I think.
A bum bum … … Not a penny in his jeans.
Without a past has no future.

Or perhaps he was happy because she laughed.
I am glad you are with him.
Everywhere you and put you with him.

I do not want to.
Yes, I loved it.
I loved pretty much anything I never … … Ugly old tramp.

And you say … … She left you nothing but a suitcase … … Its Spanish-American War with a similar?

And some memories.

And love.

I asked my old but all these stories?

A fifty times.
Review: A Hot Tin roof “Cat”
Jealousy, greed, lies and Families unavoidable waste – Tennessee Williams It’s hard to go wrong with. My Pulitzer Prize winner, inevitably, take soft side and miserable human frailty, the possible destruction of our impulses show ugly.

Reading and August 15 at City Theatre and directed by Jeff Hinkle, “A Hot Tin Roof Cat” so Williams plays with a family in crisis, as starts. Apparently there Big Daddy Pollitt (Gary Peters) to celebrate the 65 th anniversary, everyone gathered at the Mississippi plantation family. But Big Daddy has cancer, and everyone knows but him, and heirs are bloodthirsty.

(Tim Brown) bricks, favorite son and his wife (Rachel McGinnis) Maggie the cat show centers on the relationship between waste. “Born poor, Maggie to the top of the money found its way to marry and he intends to stay there, despite her drunken husband’s indifference to the fate of his father.

Rachel McGinnis seductive and glamorous Maggie always dominated the first half. Catches our attention is its vibrant smooth and offset it to the show retains many inconsistencies.

Some costume pieces all round (ridiculously embarrassing Big Mama collars) as well as some secondary characters – brother and sister Mae yelling oddly smarmy Reverend Tooker.

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