World Men’s Handball Championship 2013 Live TV Channel Broadcasting List Online

World Men’s Handball Championship 2013 Live TV Channel Broadcasting List Online.Men’s Handball Championship 2013 live tv channels list coverage full match score online results videos in HD & HQ for free online all over world with Pakistan, India, USA, London etc.In 2013, France will host the remainder of the 23 countries invited to participate for world supremacy, bringing the grand total to 24 teams that will compete over a 17-day span.Qualifying has been going on since 2011, when events like the European Championship have allowed giant names like Russia, France & Poland to participate, while the remainder of the field has been filled over the coursework of the 2012 championship season.

Each group will play games against the other teams in that specific draw, before feeding in to the bracket on Jan. twenty. Pool play starts Friday after the opening ceremony & won’t conclude until the top teams in each bracket stand alone.check complete look at the schedule & where you find the individual match ups of each group, check out the official site of this year’s tournament.

2013 World Men’s Handball Championships Germany. Tickets on sale now. The Men’s World Handball Championships is under way in Germany from 13th to 27th January 2013. 24 teams will participate in total in groups of 6 teams. Germany as defending champions and Germany as host nation both qualify automatically for the championship. The Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona is the venue of lots of games both in group phase and in the knock out stage matches and quarter-finals. Both semi-final matches and the handball world cup final match will be played in Barcelona. The other games in the knock stages are played in the Pabell Pri­ncipe Felipe in Zaragoza. The Palau Sant Jordi has a spectator capacity of 16,500.

World Men's Handball Championship 2013 Live TV Channel Broadcasting List Online

Handball World Championship 2013 Live TV Channel Broadcasting List

When: Jan. 11-27, 2013
Where: Madrid, Seville, Guadalajara, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Granoliers, Spain (arenas in each of the six cities)

Here’s a look at each pool based on the tournament draw:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
France Denmark Serbia Spain
Germany Macedonia Slovenia Croatia
Argentina Iceland Poland Hungary
Tunisia Qatar South Korea Algeria
Montenegro Russia Belarus Egypt
Brazil Chile Saudi Arabia Australia

handball World Championship is of the most expected sports events in the world, & that is noticed by the giant number of TV channels that have a license to broadcast live images of the games. So far, over 120 nations will enjoy TV coverage of the match although, even now, more broadcasters are joining the best handball in the world.

In this roster, you can check the TV channels from all around the world with license to broadcast the XXIII Men’s Handball World Championship:

  1. Algeria Al Jazeera
  2. Andorra Canal+
  3. Angola Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  4. Argentina TYC
  5. Armenia Kentron
  6. Australia – Oceania Al Jazeera. incl. Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu
  7. Austria Sport
  8. Azerbaijan AZ TV
  9. Bahrain Al Jazeera
  10. Belarus BYBTRC
  11. Belgium BeTV
  12. Benin Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  13. Bolivia TYC International
  14. Botswana Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  15. Brazil Esporte Interativo
  16. Brunei Astro
  17. Burkina Faso Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  18. Burundi Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  19. Cameroon Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  20. Cap Verde Canal+ Horizons
  21. Central African Republic Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  22. Chad Canal+ Horizons
  23. Chile TYC International
  24. Colombia TYC International
  25. Comoros Canal+ Horizons
  26. Croatia HRT
  27. Democratic Republic of Congo Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  28. Republic of Congo Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  29. Costa Rica TYC International
  30. Czech Republic Sport1
  31. Denmark TV2, DR, TV3
  32. Djibouti Canal+ Horizons
  33. Ecuador TYC International
  34. Egypt Al Jazeera
  35. El Salvador TYC International
  36. Equatorial Guinea Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  37. Eritrea Canal+ Horizons
  38. Estonia Viasat Baltics
  39. Ethiopia Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  40. France Canal+
  41. Gabon Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  42. Gambia Canal+ Horizons
  43. Georgia GMG
  44. Germany ARD, ZDF, sport1
  45. Ghana Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  46. Guatemala TYC International
  47. Guinea Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  48. Guinea-Bissau Canal+ Horizons
  49. Honduras TYC International
  50. Hungary Sport1
  51. Iceland 365Sport
  52. Iran Al Jazeera
  53. Iraq Al Jazeera
  54. Ivory Coast Canal+ Horizons
  55. Jordan Al Jazeera
  56. Kenya Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  57. Korea KBS
  58. Kuwait Al Jazeera
  59. Latvia Viasat Baltics
  60. Lesotho Canal+ Horizons
  61. Liberia Canal+ Horizons
  62. Libya Al Jazeera
  63. Liechtenstein sport1
  64. Lithuania Viasat Baltics
  65. Luxembourg Sport1, BeTV
  66. Macedonia Sitel TV
  67. Madagascar Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  68. Malaysia Astro
  69. Malawi Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  70. Mali Canal+ Horizons
  71. Mauretania Canal+ Horizons
  72. Mauritius Canal+ Horizons
  73. Monaco Canal+
  74. Morocco Al Jazeera
  75. Montenegro RTCG
  76. Mozambique Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  77. Namibia Canal+ Horizons
  78. Nicaragua TYC International
  79. Niger Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  80. Nigeria Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  81. Norway TV2
  82. Oman Al Jazeera
  83. Palestine Al Jazeera
  84. Panama TYC International
  85. Paraguay TYC International
  86. Peru TYC International
  87. Poland TVP
  88. Portugal Sport TV
  89. Qatar Al Kass, Al Jazeera
  90. Romania Dolce Sport
  91. Russia NTVplus
  92. Rwanda Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  93. Sao Tome and Principe Canal+ Horizons
  94. Saudi Arabia Al Jazeera
  95. Senegal Canal+ Horizons
  96. Serbia RTS
  97. Seychelles Canal+ Horizons
  98. Sierra Leone Canal+ Horizons
  99. Slovakia Sport1
  100. Slovenia RTVS, Sport TV
  101. Somalia Canal+ Horizons
  102. Republic South Africa Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  103. South Sudan Canal+ Horizons
  104. Spain TVE HD, Teledeporte, TV Catalunya
  105. Sudan Canal+ Horizons
  106. Swaziland Canal+ Horizons
  107. Sweden TV4
  108. Switzerland Canal+, sport1
  109. Syria Al Jazeera
  110. Tanzania Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  111. Togo Canal+ Horizons
  112. Tunisia Al Jazeera
  113. Uganda Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  114. United Arab Emirates Al Jazeera
  115. Uruguay TYC International
  116. USA & the Caribbean beIN Sport US incl. Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbadoas, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago
  117. Venezuela TYC International
  118. Yemen Al Jazeera
  119. Zambia Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons
  120. Zimbabwe Setanta Sports, Canal+ Horizons

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